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Kind friends take warning by my sad tale
As I lay here in Strangeways Gaol
My thoughts, my feelings, no tongue can tell
As I am listening to the prison bell.

When I was seventeen year of age
Into the army I did engage.
I did enlist with a good intent
To join the Forty Second Regiment.

To Fullwood Barracks I did go
To serve some time at that depot.
From trouble there I necer was free
Because my captain took a dislike to me.

When I was stationed on guard one day
Some children came near me to play,
My officer from his quarters came
And ordered me to take their parents' name.

My officer's orders I did fulfill
I took their name against my will.
I took one name instead of three
"Neglect of Duty" was the charge against me.

In the orderly-room next morning I did appear
My C.O. refused my plea to hear,
Anf quickly he had signed my crime
And to Fullwood Barracks I was then confined.

With a loaded rifle I did prepare
To shoot my captain on the barrack square;
It was Captain Neill that I meant to kill,
But I shot my colonel against my will.

I done the deed, I shed his blood,
And at Liverpool Assizes my trial stood;
The judge he says, "McCassery
Prepare yourself for the gallows-tree."

I have no father to take my part
I have no mother to break her heart,
I have one friend, and a girl is she
Would lay down her life for McCassery.

In Liverpool City this young man was tried
In Strangeways, Manchester, his body lies.
And all you young soldiers who pass his grave,
Pray: Lord have mercy on McCassery.

From Lloyd, Folk Song in England. Sometimes called McCafferty.
See also CROPPY2

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About 'McCassery'

Trad. (biography)
The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.


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