Rambling Irishman
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Rambling Irishman

Rambling Irishman

I am a rambling Irishman,
In Ulster I was born.
And many's the pleasant days I've spent
Round the shores of sweet Loch Erne
But to be poor I could not endure
Like others of my station.
To Amerikay I sailed away
And left this Irish nation.

cho: Right rantin-de-na, dantin-de-na,
Right antin-de-na, in-en-andy
Right rantin-de-na, dantin-de-na,
Right antin-de-na, in-en-andy

The night before I went away,
I spent it with my darling.
Three o'clock in the afternoon
Till the break of day next morning
But when that we were going to part
We lay in each other's arms.
To Amerikay we soon set sail,
A journey without no charms.

And when we reached the other side
We were both stout and healthy
We dropped the anchor in the bay
Going down to Philadelphi-ay
So let every lass drink to her lad
In blue jacket and white trousers
And let every lad drink to his lass
And take them as life spouses.


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About 'Rambling Irishman'

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The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.

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