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Sammy's Bar

Sammy's Bar or the Last Boat's a'Leavin
(Cyril Tawney)

I went down to Sammy's Bar
Hey, the last boat's a'leavin
By the shore at Pieta
Haul away the daighsoe

And my real love, she was there
There was sand all in her hair

How did sand get in your hair
Darling Johnny put it there

Been with Johnny all the day
Down at Ghajn Tuffheija Bay

He's a better man by far
Because he's got a Yankee car

I went out from Sammy's Bar
Had to hire a Yankee car

Fourteen days I drank no wine
Saving for that love of mine

Then one day in Paula square
At a paper I did stare

Johnny tried a hairpin bend
For my love, it was the end

Going back to Sammy's Bar
I don't need no Yankee car

Copyright Dick James Music Ltd.
recorded by Golden Ring on Five Days Singing

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