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Seeds of Love

Seeds of Love

D A7 D
I sowed the seeds of love
I sowed them in the springtime
Gathered them up in the morning so soon
G D G D A7 D
While small birds sweetly sing (2x)

My garden was planted well
With flowers everywhere
I had not the liberty to choose for myself
The flower I held most dear

The gardener standing by
Three flowers he gave to me
He gave me the violet, the lily and the pink
But I refused all three

The violet I did not like
Because it fades so soon
The lily and the pink I did overthink
And vowed I would wait til June

For in June is the red, red rose
And that's the flower for me
Ofttimes Have I plucked that red rosy bush
And gained a willow tree

Now the willow tree may twist
And the willow tree may twine
I wish I was lying in that young woman's arms
That once held this heart of mine

Recorded by Clancy Bros on Bold Fenian men
and Robin and Barry Dranesfield on Contrary
tune from Sharp, English Folk Songs
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