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Santy Anna

Santy Anna

O Santy Anna gained the day
Hoo-ray, Santy Anna!
He lost it once but gained it twice
All on the plains of Mexico!

O Santy Anna fought for fame
And that's where Santy gained his name.

O Santy Anna fought for gold
And the deeds he done have oft been told.

And Santy Anna fought for his life
But he gained his way in a terrible strife.

O Santy Anna's day is o'er
And Santy Anna will fight no more.

I thought I heard the old man say
He'd give us grog this very day.

From Colcord-Songs of American Sailormen. Recorded by Lloyd and
MacColl. Reportedly, the last whaler to return to New Bedford
hauled into dock to this shanty.

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