The Turkish Lady
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The Turkish Lady

The Turkish Lady

You young and bold I pray draw near
And a pretty story you shall hear
It was of a Turkish young lady brave
Who fell in love with an English slave

He was a merchant's young son of late
As he was sailing up the Straight
It was by kind fortune he came to be
A slave unto some rich lady

She bound him in chains and fetters strong
She whipped and scourged him all along
It's no tongue can tell that I am very sure
The hardships that we poor slaves endure

She does dress herself all in rich array
And walked forth to view her flowers one day
Hearing a moan that the young man made
It's to him she goes and there she said

O what country man what country I pray are you
An English man madam it is true
Ah I wish you was some Turk said she
I'd free you from your slavery

I'd free you from your slavery work
If that you would but turn Turk
And I would yield myself your lawful wife
For I do love you as my life

O madam O madam then said he
That I'm sure can never be
I'd sooner be burnt unto a stake
Before my God I will forsake

She straight unto her chamber went
And spent that night in discontent
Young Cubed with his piercing dart
Soon gained this fair young lady's heart

Now to all her friends she bid adieu
For she loves an Englishman 'tis true
O now she is landed on the English shore
With silver and gold in great store

And now she is turned to an English dame
And married unto one of her slaves.

From Songs the Whalemen Sang, Huntington
Collected from the journal of Two Brothers, 1768
Child #53
Laws O26

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About 'The Turkish Lady'

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The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.

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