A Wee Drap o' Whisky
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A Wee Drap o' Whisky

A Wee Drap o' Whisky

A wee drappie whisky, oh when I am wearied
Ma blood it will warm, my spirits will cheer
For when I sit doon, I intend to be merry
Come fill up a bumper and hand it round here.

I can scarce get a hauf oor, oh when I am wearied
To tell you the truth that I'm vrocht (wrought) very sore
My ploo and my lassie is a' my whole pleasure
We'll both tak' a kiss an' hae a drap more.

Contented I sit and contented I labour
Contented I drink and contented I sing
I never dispute nor fall oot wi' my neebors
For that is a mean and a contentious thing.

Oh few, very few ever hear me compleenin
Though ofttimes the load of oppression I bear
Oh fat is the use o a man aye compleenin'
For aye fan he tastes, he maun hae a drap mair.

Come noble waiter, bring in a large measure,
I mean hauf a mutchkin the best o' the toon
An' when it is drunken, it's time to bejoggin
We'll gang merrily hame wi' the canniest carl.

So good night to you all, I think it's but reason,
Altho' that the whisky speaks lood in my ear
Good night and safe home, till farther occasion
We'll a' meet in friends and hae a drap mair.

From the Grieg-Duncan Folk Song Collection
Collected from William Watson, 1909

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About 'A Wee Drap o' Whisky'

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Traditional Music of unknown author.

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