Aka Tombo (Traditional melody)

Aka Tombo (Traditional melody)


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About 'Aka Tombo'

Artist: Traditional Melody
The Artist:Traditional Music of unknown author.
Yuuyake koyake no aka-tombo owarete mita no wa itsu no hi ka
Yama no hatake no kuwa no mi o kokago ni tsunda wa maboroshi ka
Juugo de neeya wa yome ni yuki osato no tayori mo taehateta
Yuuyake koyake no aka-tombo tomatte iru yo sao no saki

Red dragonflies at sunset, red in the afterglow
Could it be the last time I saw their flight I was a child
On my Nanny's back?

Dark purple mulberries in the hillside fields
I gathered them into my little basket

Was that a dream or real?

Just fifteen, dear Nanny traveled far away, became a bride
Since then not one word comes

From my sister dear

Red dragonfly at sunset, red in the afterglow
There on the bamboo fishing pole it rests

As I remember

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