Childing of a Maiden Bright (Traditional melody)

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About 'Childing of a Maiden Bright'

Trad. (biography)
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The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.

Childing of a maiden bright
Life today hath brought to light;
And hath put that prince of might
With his flock of fiends to flight:
Christus natus hodie.

Whoso aught hath done amiss,
An it rue him sore for this,
Mary's Babe will shrive i-wis,
Gentle as a lamb He is:
Miserere, Domine.

He at Bethlehem was born,
Salem gave Him crown of thorn,
Life of want and death of score --
All for love of man forlorn.
Ergo benedicite.

On this Infant may we call,
Born for man in oxen-stall:
He vouchsafe us bliss withal
In His everlasting hall.
Cum Maria Virgine.

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