El Noi de la Mare (Traditional melody)

El Noi de la Mare (Traditional melody)


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About 'El Noi de la Mare'

Artist: Traditional Melody
The Artist:Traditional Music of unknown author.
El Noi de la Mare (The Child of the Mother) is a traditional Catalan Christmas song. The song was made famous outside Spain by Andrés Segovia who used to perform Miguel Llobet's guitar transcription as an encore.

The main stanza has four verses and begins mostly with Què li darem a n'el Noi de la Mare? In some traditional ways of singing the song every pair of verses is repeated twice. The first stanza of a common version is:

Què li darem a n'el Noi de la Mare?
Què li darem que li sàpiga bo?
Panses i figues i nous i olives,
Panses i figues i mel i mató,

What shall we give to the Mother's Child?
What shall we give that he will find tasty?
Raisins and figs and nuts and olives,
Raisins and figs and honey and mat

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