High Germany (Traditional melody)

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About 'High Germany'

Trad. (biography)
The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.
Oh Polly love, oh Polly, the rout has now begun
And we must march away at the beating of the drum
Go dress yourself in all your best and come along with me
I'll take you to the cruel wars in High Germany

I fear the treacherous journey bitter cold and burning heat
Rough roads and stony mountains they will wound my tender feet
To your kinsmen I might prove untrue if from them I do go
For maids must bide at their parents' side while the men do face the foe

I'll buy for you a horse, my love, and on it you will ride
Then all of my contentment shall be riding at my side
We'll stop at every ale-house and drink when we are dry
So quickly on the road, my love, and marry by and by

Oh Billy love, oh Billy, now mind what I do say
My feet they are so tired I cannot go away
Besides, my dearest Billy, I am with child by thee
Not fitting for the cruel wars in High Germany

Oh Polly love, oh Polly, I love you very well
There are few in any place my Polly can excel
And when your babe is born and sits smiling on your knee
You will think on your Billy that's in High Germany

Oh Cursed be the cruel wars that ever they began
For they have pressed my Billy and many a clever man
For they have pressed my Billy likewise my brothers three
And sent them to the cruel wars in High Germany
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