Jovano Jovanke (Macedonia Folk Song) (Traditional melody)

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About 'Jovano Jovanke (Macedonia Folk Song)'

Trad. (biography)
The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.
Info: Yovano, Yovanke (Bulgarian: Йовано, Йованке, Serbian: Јовано, Јованке, Macedonian: Jовано, Jованке) is a traditional folk song of the Macedonia region. It is popular in and frequently performed in the Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, northern Greece and Republic of Macedonia. It is about two young lovers separated by their disapproving parents. The song mentions the Vardar river which runs through present-day Greece and Republic of Macedonia.

Yovana is a female name (Slavic form of Joan or Joanna), and Jovanka is the diminutive form. The usages Yovano and Yovanke are in the vocative case used by the South Slavic languages.
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