Oh! Look at the Sky! (Traditional melody)

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About 'Oh! Look at the Sky!'

Trad. (biography)
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The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.

Oh! look at the sky!
The East becomes lighter,
Still brighter and brighter,
Behold, to the earth
a star draweth nigh!
The night melts away!
The mountains are beaming,
Dark valleys are gleaming
With light from on high!
What singing doth fill
The crystaline skies?
From heaven it flies
O'er hollow and hill;
And who are the singers?
God's angels are bringers
Of Peace and Good will!

From heaven above
Come Mercy and Love
To those who repine;
One gentle and lowly,
One helpless and holy,
The Child King divine.

Behold the bright star!
Lo! wise men, before him,
And shepherds adore him,
Rich offerings and gifts
they bring from afar;
His palace is bare,
He lies in the manger,
There is but the stranger
To watch him with care;
Yet through it is bare,
The lay and the light
Float in through the night,
And make it so fair;
And children come creeping,
And mothers are weeping
With tender delight.


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