Shosholoza (trad. South African) (Traditional melody)

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This piece is part of our collection of South African pieces.

About 'Shosholoza (trad. South African)'

Trad. (biography)
The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.
Info:This traditional South African song may be
performed in a number of ways: loudly,
quietly, building in texture and/or dynamics,
spotlighting individual lines as solos etc.

Shosholoza Shosholoza
Kulezo ntaba
Stimela Sipum'e South Africa

Wen' Uyabaleka Wen' Uyabaleka
Ku Lezontaba
Stimela Sipum'e South Africa

Shosholoza Shosholoza
Ku Lezontaba
Stimela Sipum'e South Africa

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