Irving Berlin : What'll I Do? sheet music

The Artist:
widely considered one of the greatest songwriters in American history. He published his first song, Marie from Sunny Italy, in 1907 and had his first major international hit, Alexanders Ragtime Band in 1911.
1. Gone is the romance that was so divine
'Tis broken and cannot be mended
You must go your way and I must go mine
But now that our love dreams have ended

What'll I do when you are far away
And I am blue, what'll I do?
What'll I do when I am wondering who
Is kissing you, what'll I do?
What'll I do with just a photograph
To tell my troubles to?
When I'm alone with only dreams of you
That won't come true
What'll I do?

2. Do you remember a night filled with bliss?
The moonlight was softly descending
Your lips and my lips were tied with a kiss
A kiss with an unhappy ending...

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