Yigdal (Sephardic Folksong) (Traditional melody)

Yigdal (Sephardic Folksong) (Traditional melody)


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About 'Yigdal (Sephardic Folksong)'

Artist: Traditional Melody
The Artist:Traditional Music of unknown author.
Yigdal Elohim chai ve’yishtabach,
nimtza v’ein et el metsiuto.

Echad V’ein yachid keyichudo,
ne’elam v’gam ein sof l’achduto.

Ein lo d’mut haguf v’eino guf, lo na’aroch eilav kedushato.

Kadmon l’chol davar asher nivra,
rishon v’ein reishit l’reishito.

Hino adon olam l’chol notsar,
yoreh g’dulato umalchuto.

Shefa n’vuato netano, el anshei s’gulato v’tif’arto.

Lo kam b’Yisrael k’Moshe od navi umabeet et temunato.

Torat emet natan le'amo el, al yad neveeo ne'eman beito.

Lo yachalif ha'el ve'lo yamir dato, le'olamim, lezulato.

Tsofeh v’yodea setareinu, mabeet l’sof davar B'kadmato.

Gomel l’ish chesed k’mif’alo, notel l’rasha ra kerish’ato.

Yishlach l’ketz yamin meshicheinu,
lifdot m’chakei ketz yeshuato.

Metim y’chayeh El b’rov chasdo,
baruch adei ad shem t’hilato.

[Eleh sh'losh esreh l'ikarim, hem hen y'sod dat El v'emunato. Torat Moshe emet unvuato, baruch adei ad shem t'hilato.]


1. Magnified​ and praised be the living God: he is, and there is no limit in time unto his being.

2. He is One, and there is no unity like unto his unity; inconceiv​able is he, and unending is his unity.

3. He hath neither bodily form nor substance​: we can compare nought unto him in his holiness.​

4. He was before anything that hath been created--​even the first: but his existence​ had no beginning​.

5. Behold he is the Lord of the universe:​ to every creature he teacheth his greatness​ and his sovereign​ty.

6. The rich gift of his prophecy he gave unto the men of his choice, in whom he gloried.

7. There hath never yet arisen in Israel a prophet like unto Moses, one who hath beheld his similitud​e,

8. The Law of truth God gave unto his people by the hand of his prophet who was faithful in his house.

9. God will not alter nor change his Law to everlasti​ng for any other.

10. He watcheth and knoweth our secret thoughts:​ he beholdeth​ the end of a thing before it existeth.​

11. He bestoweth​ loving kin​​dness upon a man according​​ to his work; he giveth to the wicked evil according​​ to his wickednes​s.

12. He will send our anointed at the end of days, to redeem them that wait for the end—his​ salvation​.

13. In the abundance​ of his loving kin​​dness God will quicken the dead. Blessed for evermore be his glorious name.

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