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I love this song. Finally found a use for rebreathing.

Did a performance and had my friend run around like an idiot in a bee costume, then had my other friend run in and chase after him in a beekeeper costume. It was probably the most interesting performance I';ve done.
4 years ago

5 years ago

Save your breath for it...
You don';t get a break till the end
5 years ago

one thing to say....
5 years ago

good song, but a little hard if you are a beginner
6 years ago

it';s a good classical song, thank';s
7 years ago

your right it does sound awsome but it would take a miracle for someone like me to play this im gonna make it my goal
7 years ago

i was given this music in a lesson [for my piano, sax';s. clarinet and bass clarinet]
and its awesome! i found it hard at first.. but if you take it slow and then speed it up, its easier.
7 years ago

This peice is quite fun. My music teacher challanged me to see if i could play this on all my 3 instruments to get 100% in the course . So far all i have left is flute
9 years ago

I was wondering if anyone could play this...

I can play the piano part!!
9 years ago

This piece is truly hard. It took me a while, but i finally managed to play it.
9 years ago

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