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Awesome piece! It really needs the bass clarinet in it though. Bass clarinet needs more songs in general, too. Anyway the song is still awesome and fun to play.
3 years ago

i only know sum of da notes lol i m still learning

5 years ago

This pice looks fun may have to print it and bring it to school to show my teacher.
7 years ago

this is hard

7 years ago

I love da nutcracker!!! my grandma took me to see it every christmas when I was little!!!
7 years ago

It is an awesome piece, but this part does tend loose that nice feel that the other parts have. Still an awesome part of this suite, and I enjoy listening to it all the time.
8 years ago

eh. this is my favorite movement of the nutcracker suite, but it kind of loses its charm without the celesta- not to mention that amazing bass clarinet solo, which is partially given to the left hand of the piano, but mostly ommited. the clarinet solo, too, is given to the piano- it seems to me that the clarinet solo should stay in when it's aranged as a clarinet solo? but perhaps i don't know enough about this arranging business. either way, my oppinion: soso.
10 years ago

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