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Type ArtistTitle Date
Morris Para Julen 2013 Intermediate Level
Trad. House of the Rising Sun 2013 Intermediate Level
David Bruce I have Lost you now you're gone 2013 Intermediate Level
Trad. Away in a Manger 2013 Easy Level
David Bruce Beguine Again 2013 Intermediate Level
Trad. Joy to the World 2013 Easy Level
David Bruce Township Toon 2013 Easy Level
Mozart Theme from A Musical Joke K.522 2013 Intermediate Level
Trad. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho 2013 Intermediate Level
Ray Charles Ray Charles -Style 12 bar blues Improv 2013 Easy Level
David Bruce That's the way you do it 2013 Easy Level
James Brown James Brown-style Trombone Lick 2013 Intermediate Level
Trad. One Man Went to Mow 2013 Beginners Level
Wagner Pilgrim's Chorus from Tannhauser 2013 Intermediate Level
Trad. CC Rider Blues (aka See See Rider) 2013 Easy Level
Trad. Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly 2013 Easy Level
Trad. The Rock Island Line 2013 Easy Level
Nazareth Brejeiro (Tango Brasileiro) 2013 Intermediate Level
Trad. Take This Hammer (Traditional Blues) 2013 Easy Level
Hart Wand Dallas Blues 2013 Easy Level

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