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Type ArtistTitle
Disney A Whole New World (Aladdin) Intermediate Level
Cole Porter Night and Day Playalong Jam Track Easy Level
Adele Hello Easy Level
Driving Funk in C major 120 bpm Beginners Level
Standard 12-bar blues Beginners Level
Brazillian Lounge - C Major Easy Level
George Gershwin I Got Rhythm-style Playalong Intermediate Level
Norah Jones Norah Jones-style mellow jam track Beginners Level
Jazz Rock Fusion Playalong Jam Track Intermediate Level
Latin Jazz - Up Tempo C Minor Pentatonic Easy Level
Ed Sheeran Thinking Out Loud Easy Level
Jerome Kern All the things you are Playalong Jam Track Easy Level
90s Hip hop beat Easy Level
Trad. Gospel in G major (Based on Down by...
Beginners Level
E major Rock 120 bpm Easy Level
AC/DC AC/DC- Style Playalong Jam Track Easy Level
Bossanova in C minor Easy Level
The Sweet The Sweet-style Pop Rock G major 120bpm Easy Level
R.E.M. Lemon Crushed - REM-inspired E minor pentatonic 120 bpm Easy Level
Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran Pop-Rock-Style Playalong Jam Track Easy Level

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