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Type ArtistTitle
Trad. Mango Walk (trad. Jamaican) Easy Level
Trad. Spancil Hill Easy Level
Trad. Gong Xi Gong Xi (Chinese New Year Song) Easy Level
Trad. The Midnight Dance Intermediate Level
Trad. Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika (South African National Anthem) Easy Level
Trad. My Love is Like a Red Red Rose Easy Level
Lachau Li'l Liza Jane Easy Level
Trad. Over The River And Through The Woods (Thanksgiving song) Easy Level
Trad. A Fig for a Kiss Intermediate Level
Trad. National Anthem of Brazil Intermediate Level
Trad. Lilliburlero Beginners Level
Trad. Tumbalalaika Easy Level
Trad. I Saw Three Ships Beginners Level
Trad. New Rigged Ship Easy Level
Trad. A-Roving (English sea shanty) Easy Level
Trad. Go 'Way From My Window Intermediate Level
Trad. Alabama Easy Level
Trad. Wild Mountain Thyme Easy Level
J. R. Shannon Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral (That's An Irish Lullaby) Easy Level
Trad. A Blast of Wind Intermediate Level

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