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Type ArtistTitle
Trad. Semper Paratus Easy Level
Trad. Sing Hosanna (Give Me Joy in My Heart) Easy Level
J. R. Shannon Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral (That's An Irish Lullaby) Easy Level
Trad. My Love is Like a Red Red Rose Intermediate Level
Trad. I'm a Little Teapot Beginners Level
Trad. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day (Brewer Version) Easy Level
Trad. Golden Slumbers Easy Level
Trad. What Shall We Give? Easy Level
Trad. A Portuguesa (Portuguese National Anthem) Intermediate Level
Trad. Green Hills of Tyrol (A Scottish Soldier) Intermediate Level
Trad. Nu Zijt Wellekome Easy Level
Trad. Unto us is Born a Son Easy Level
Trad. Whiskey in the Jar Easy Level
Trad. Bonny Portmore (as featured in the Highlander series) Intermediate Level
Trad. Partons, la mer est belle Easy Level
Trad. Tumbalalaika Easy Level
Henry C. Work My Grandfather's Clock Easy Level
Trad. Seven Drunk Nights Easy Level
Trad. Bate Bate Chocolate (Mexican Trad.) Beginners Level
Trad. A-Roving (English sea shanty) Easy Level

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