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Trad. Scalerica De Oro (Jewish Sephardic) Intermediate Level
Trad. We Shall Overcome Easy Level
Trad. Auf der Mauer, auf der Lauer (On the Wall, On the Lookout) (German Trad.) Beginners Level
Cottrau Tiritomba Easy Level
Trad. Kokoleoko (Liberian trad.) Easy Level
Trad. Moj Dragane (Croatian Folk Song)
(public domain)
Intermediate Level
Trad. Ja, vi elsker dette landet, Norwegian National Anthem Beginners Level
Cottrau Bella Bimba Easy Level
Trad. Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower) (Version 2) Easy Level
Trad. Over The River And Through The Woods (Thanksgiving song) Easy Level
Trad. Aino Kchume (Assyrian folk song)
(public domain)
Intermediate Level
Trad. Thula Baba Thula Sana (South African trad.) Easy Level
Trad. Maori Haka (New Zealand) Easy Level
Trad. Duermete mi nino (Venezuelan Trad.) Beginners Level
Trad. Ceresnicky (Slovakian Folk Song)
(public domain)
Intermediate Level
Jose Blas Parera Himno Nacional Argentino (Argentina National Anthem) Easy Level
Trad. Tic e tic e toc Easy Level
Trad. Shche ne Vmerla Ukrayiny ni Slava, ni volya (Ukrainian National Anthem) Beginners Level
Trad. Siyahamba (Zulu Traditional) Intermediate Level
Trad. Mazel Tov Easy Level

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