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  help on the flute
i have a new sheet of music from my band teac...
Horace 8 30/8/2003 698
  problems with my lips
i`m getting trouble in blowing my flute i jus...
o_ciu 10 30/8/2003 1098
  FLUTE help
Any advice on Concertino by Chaminade?...
katie 6 29/8/2003 968
does anyone know where I can get free sheetmu...
A. 2 29/8/2003 772
  Which one to buy?
My daughter is in marching band for the first...
lynn 8 28/8/2003 881
  what`s better - sax or flute? ;)
hey!!!! Anyone and everyone on this site plea...
cazza 4 28/8/2003 696
  Finding it hard!!!!
When I started playing the flute, my teacher ...
Han 10 28/8/2003 703
  armstrong vs artley--what do you think??
I have a question. I have both an Artley (18-...
Brenda 0 27/8/2003 1290
Hi all, I`m Yolli, just wanted to know if any...
Yolli 4 26/8/2003 644
  teacher terror!
I missed a music lesson last week and my teac...
Treble cleff 8 24/8/2003 876
  bach`s badinerie sheet music
does anyone have it?...
SM 0 23/8/2003 910
  Major Problems
Hello, I`m the flute section leader for my s...
Gumdrop 6 23/8/2003 940
  Can i become a part time flute teacher?
hey!! I am 15 years old and i was wondering i...
cazza 6 23/8/2003 875
I am interested in getting a piccolo. I am no...
Heather 4 21/8/2003 1038
  first act flute
i was in bj`s today and have been looking for...
lizzie 4 21/8/2003 1130
  I quit playing flute coz
Our band decided to join the marching band co...
mozzarella 8 21/8/2003 903
  Need help on Cannon In D
Have anyone played Cannon In D yet? I`m havin...
Rotciv 8 20/8/2003 695
  If you caould have...
If you could design your own flute, (not bein...
Becky 33 19/8/2003 2221
  Need Help
Hi, I`m trying to learn the flute by myself a...
Disk 2 19/8/2003 750
  Where to find good flute tone audio files?
Although I know this is a subjective issue (w...
Roberto 0 19/8/2003 836

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