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  Antique Flutes
Looking for someone with interest and or know...
Cristian 10 15/5/2003 1133
How do you do vibrato? I`m really confused. P...
Jesse 4 11/5/2003 1078
  Can Anybody Help?
It`s about motivation. Sometimes I feel so un...
Becky 4 11/5/2003 931
  Which flute model do you recommend
I am getting one of these soon. Which do you ...
Drchong 10 9/5/2003 1443
  how do u do vibrato on the flute?
how do u do vibrato? i need to know! I think ...
Me 6 5/5/2003 1449
  F. Barbier`s first prize in the Exposition of Paris 1889
Hi my name is Cristian and I own a piece of h...
Cristian 0 4/5/2003 1422
  School Band Music
We have the same old music and its really bor...
Jackie 15 4/5/2003 1020
  Just got a flute, any tips?
Well I can`t go to a real intructor for a cou...
Matt 2 2/5/2003 1203
  Flute Vacancy
The USAF Heartland of America Band curren...
Shane Kibbey 0 30/4/2003 1380
  I am looking for a flute
I am looking for a flute. i currently play ba...
Drchong 2 30/4/2003 1199
  Should i take up flute playing?
I have always loved the flute, and would very...
Char 4 21/4/2003 983
  I love playing the flute
Hello,I am french and I play the flute for6 y...
Marion 4 13/4/2003 1042
  I just got my first flute.. kinda.
Well I`ve been interested in the flute for ye...
Matt 4 13/4/2003 1045
  Do You Know Where To Find Flute Printo-outs For Kelly Clarkson: "A Moment Like This"?
[B]People keep on telling me that u can find ...
Claire 6 3/4/2003 3902
  *Music Download Help!!*
Hello. My flute teacher said I should listen...
Alyssa 2 21/3/2003 1838
  Flute for sale.
My wife is selling her amazing flute because ...
Seth 0 7/3/2003 1302
  About how much does it cost to repair a flute?
Hi, My name is samantha. I`ve been playing...
Samantha 8 4/3/2003 3318
  Buffet Flute
I am thinking about purchasing a new flute. ...
TutyFlutyASU 0 4/3/2003 2533
  I don`t know whether to quit the band
I don`t know whether to quit the school band ...
Pinky 2 17/2/2003 958
  new flute
help!!!! i need a new flute- im 15 years old...
flautist 0 17/2/2003 1088

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