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  Bassoon case
anyone on here got the kim walker,bass bag ??...
bob 0 5/6/2005 590
  Grants for Performers
Co-op Press is dedicated to fostering audienc...
Co-op Press 0 3/6/2005 480
  fingering chart
i just got a bassoon 2 days ago... does anyon...
jen 4 9/5/2005 1379
  Renard 240
I found a Renard 240 for $2500. Its 5-6 yrs o...
Jamie 2 6/5/2005 970
  bassoon fingering
is the fingering similar to any other instume...
anon 10 6/5/2005 1110
  recorder/bassoon fingering
Please excuse my ignorance - I know nothing (...
NickM 2 6/5/2005 874
  Good Tone, etc.
How long does it take to have a good tone on ...
Rockah 22 24/4/2005 1003
  professional bassoons
i have been playing bassoon for about 2 years...
andy 12 16/4/2005 1460
  Co-op Press April special
Purchase a minimum of $10 of music (excluding...
Co-op Press 4 7/4/2005 753
  play the bassoon
i want to learn how to play the bassoon any i...
bariclari/silverpaw 14 22/3/2005 1555
  Basson and oboe
ey everybody im a oboist and i have been lear...
Jamie 6 20/3/2005 1253
  switching to bassoon, help
hello, well im at a arts highschool for grade...
jen 16 18/3/2005 1209
  Commission Grant
Co-op Press invites musicians and musical org...
Co-op Press 0 16/3/2005 587
  bassoon between $5,000 - $10,000
im a senior this year and planning on continu...
Taylor 35 14/3/2005 14343
  FS: rare single-reed mpc for bassoon!!
This is a new old stock Chedeville bassoon mo...
John 0 11/3/2005 1501
  Bassoon for Sale
I am selling my Fox Model III Bassoon. Seria...
Charlie Busa 4 9/3/2005 1783
  Bocal dimensions
Hi all Bassoonists I guess this is an easy on...
bbone 22 25/2/2005 1506
  cork tearing off the bocal
can i still use it if i am careful? or is it ...
jay 8 19/2/2005 1422
I might as well state this question to jay, s...
Riki 6 19/2/2005 1133
Which instrument would sound more like the ba...
Riki 46 19/2/2005 2507

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