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  hey.. this is the coolest bassoon webpage ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Are you a bassoonist? a musician? A friend of...
Kat 0 3/1/2004 804
  Does the Basoon have the same fingerings as clarinet?
I just wanted to know so thanks in advance fo...
Ashley 6 24/12/2003 1622
  Should I tune my Bassoon by adjusting the Reed?
Ive already asked this question but have got ...
Beanzie 4 17/12/2003 1656
  Starting bassoon
Hello all, I am a serious sax player and hav...
Jay 4 29/11/2003 1479
  How you got started on your instrument
Hey everybody. I am doing an assignment for m...
Angela 10 20/11/2003 1434
  what bassoon reed manufacture should I buy my reeds from
My instructor is moving out of town and he is...
matt 16 12/11/2003 2568
  Grad school?
Does anybody know any schools that have a goo...
bsnbird 0 12/10/2003 1075
  this has absolutly nothin to do with music, but plz help
srry this has nothin to do with music, but im...
elsie 0 5/10/2003 1032
  bassoon books
My sister has been playing bassoon for a coup...
amanda 0 7/9/2003 1028
Treble cleff 0 24/8/2003 1166
  Another bassoon forum
Just wanted to let you know about another res...
Jeff 0 12/8/2003 1335
  carmen suite
Any bassoonists out there played the carmen s...
Trevor 2 27/7/2003 1591
  I need serious bassoon help
hey everyone. my name is bobby phillips. i ...
bobby phillips 2 9/7/2003 1393
  tenor clef
What are you supposed to do when the part swi...
bill 4 9/7/2003 1916
  is the bassoon heavy?
i REALLY want a bassoon but i am really weak....
jay 7 24/6/2003 1493
  Humor me....difference between c and d bassoon?
I have noticed in advertisements that some ba...
TimberWulf 2 18/5/2003 1478
  Bassoon Vacancy
The USAF Heartland of America Band curren...
Shane Kibbey 0 30/4/2003 1519
  The Australian Bassoonists Internet Group
Hello All, This is a call for any Australian...
Matt 0 12/11/2002 1420

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