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  Learning More about My King Silvertone
Hello - first post at this forum. After a lo...
 imjay 0 9/2/2011 644
Hello, hoping someone can help me, I'm pl...
 empressemma 0 8/2/2011 1447
  V-Raptor trumpets
Hey guys. I was reading some trumpet articles...
 belltrumpetplayer19 1 2/2/2011 1290
  Open and closed embouchures on the trumpet
I think if someone's teeth are overbite h...
 Veral 7 2/2/2011 2131
  qPress: New Music for Trumpet, Immediate Digital Downloads
Hello trumpet enthusiasts! I have been comin...
 qPress 0 25/1/2011 720
  Help choosing a trumpet
Hello everyone! This is my first topic here,...
 modular 6 20/1/2011 2865
  My Son the Hurricane - 14 piece Brass Beast!!!
Jon and Kate Gosselin have nothing on this 14...
 msth 0 16/1/2011 1324
  Interactive Trumpet eBook - First Ever!
Hi, I am super excited about the success of ...
 gregspence 0 4/1/2011 1242
  Conn Director cornet
I've got this cornet I plan to sell to pu...
 kg4kpg 0 1/1/2011 1130
  christian trumpet music
hey does anybody have some christian sheet mu...
 Rupert 0 20/12/2010 735
hey guys, I wonder if u guy help me 1)...
 Bassoon27 9 18/12/2010 1236
  I need a couple of notes
I have only recently picked up a trumpet (I h...
 Runningchicken7 0 22/11/2010 669
  Trumpet Lessons, Master Classes and Concerts online
 jeff_purtle 1 18/11/2010 1556
Hello, If you are interested old music fro...
 gregor 0 17/11/2010 589
  Transposing guitar tabs to trumpet?
I want to learn how to transpose any guitar t...
 pivotraze 2 5/11/2010 3546
  Car Project
So I had the idea to get myself and about 8 o...
 zaxafone 1 28/10/2010 617
  just got my braces off!!!
i have just gotten my braces taken off and i ...
 kingninja 2 26/10/2010 1018
  lip placement
i have been told by many people different thi...
 kingninja 2 18/10/2010 899
  need to fix up trumpet any suggestions?
I have a trumpet that has been used in school...
 curler33 2 2/10/2010 1023
  National Collegiate Solo Competition
The premier musical organization of the U.S. ...
 LeighLafosse 0 28/9/2010 564

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