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  The Ultimate Newbie Thread to End All Newbie Threads
For some strange reason I`ve become possessed...
rouftop 10 21/4/2004 1160
  Sheet Music
Does anyone know Mozart songs with only the n...
Nitesh 2 20/4/2004 814
  Counting 8th notes in 2/4 time
How do you count 8th note combinations in 2/4...
Adam 6 8/4/2004 2124
  I need music
Someone please give me the notes for the song...
viper 0 2/4/2004 881
  Gah! Does anyone have the 1st trombone part to "Switch in Time" by Sammy Nestico?
You have NO idea what it would mean to me if ...
Conor 0 31/3/2004 1104
  8th Rest
Is an 8th rest still half a beat in 2/4 time?...
tromboner 4 28/3/2004 1094
  Help w/ Improving
In a few weeks, we are going to be having All...
Dylan 2 26/3/2004 913
  Trombone parts
Greetings. I am looking for some parts for a...
Bobert 0 23/3/2004 1141
  Buying my own bone.
Hey i`m an eleventh grader , been playing sta...
Gregory 22 23/3/2004 1885
  Poll - Highest Note
What is the highest note you can play? What ...
Dylan 6 23/3/2004 1189
Hey everyone, im new to this forum but I`ve g...
Stephen 10 12/3/2004 1348
  Frederick Pace of London... any info?
Hi folks I`ve been having a clearout for a r...
Water Of Tyne 0 7/3/2004 986
  Favourite piece of music
I am doing a survey to satisfy my own curiosi...
Rachel 6 4/3/2004 1256
  Trombone Trios
Hey I need to discuss trios with some people ...
Stephen 0 4/3/2004 1052
  F-Attachment tuning slide
Does anybody know if there is a tuning slide ...
Adam 4 4/3/2004 979
  Bore Sizes
I`m wondering about bore sizes for trombones ...
Daniel 3 4/3/2004 1615
  New Trombone
Hi guys. I searched for a trombone forum onli...
Rowan 12 2/3/2004 1358
  Rock or Jazz pieces?
Hey, I`m only about a *AMEB* lvl 3, does anyo...
Trea 0 2/3/2004 715
  Carnival of Venice
anyone ever attempted to play Carnival of Ven...
Matt 4 27/2/2004 792
hello this is a thread. it is cool. Its wicke...
True sicko 1 0 26/2/2004 774

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