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  Rock or Jazz pieces?
Hey, I`m only about a *AMEB* lvl 3, does anyo...
Trea 0 2/3/2004 721
  Carnival of Venice
anyone ever attempted to play Carnival of Ven...
Matt 4 27/2/2004 795
hello this is a thread. it is cool. Its wicke...
True sicko 1 0 26/2/2004 781
  Need sheet music
does anyone have any interesting trombone she...
Ben 0 26/2/2004 644
Im going to Tortola to play a 8 song concert ...
Ziggy89 0 24/2/2004 767
  Sheet music please
Hi all. I`m plaing trombone fro 1987.I`m no...
Fernando 0 20/2/2004 710
  Soft Cases for Large-bore Tenor Trombones
Hi, I`ve got a Bach 42-B .457 large bore ten...
Peter 4 19/2/2004 920
  Aim names
trombonedude 2 17/2/2004 709
  I`m New
Hey, i`ve never touched any horn in my entire...
Jamin 22 15/2/2004 886
  Interested in starting trombone and need help...
I really really really want to play trombone....
LemonPawz 0 15/2/2004 772
  Anyone has a Tb Solo for "Duel of the Fates" or "Imperial March" of Star Wars?
yeah i`m looking for these 2, if you have any...
TySpLo_eViL 0 14/2/2004 899
  Trombone Conferance worth attending
Held here at Kutztown University in Kutztown ...
HUSDANNY 0 12/2/2004 726
Are there any certain excersises or books th...
Christina 4 10/2/2004 1170
  Playing multiple instruments per time = Danger to embrochure? (excluding eupho)
I`ve been playing trombone for 1.5 years and ...
Brandon 8 6/2/2004 1287
  king serial numbers
are all king 2b`s from the 60`s until now mad...
alex 0 2/2/2004 721
hello I am wondering about vintage king 2b`s ...
alex 2 2/2/2004 722
  laquer refinish or no?
should I refinish laquer, leave it as is, or ...
alex 2 2/2/2004 749
  Old Ambassador
OK, here is the situation: I`m trumpet instru...
Welk 4 29/1/2004 1319
  Layla - London Trombones
Greetings everyone! I`m in a trombone choir ...
AJ in AK 0 27/1/2004 1793
  Tounge Technique
Does anyone have any tricks on how to double...
Christina 4 23/1/2004 895

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