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Hi, my name is Maxine and I`m a first chair v...
Maxine 4 1/1/2003 1104
  Any new sheet music?
Hi, this is Maxine again. Doesn`t anybody eve...
Maxine 0 31/12/2002 977
  Does anyone know any good teachers in Orange Park?
I am moving to Orange Park FL. from Italy and...
Meg 0 29/12/2002 965
  Looking for fiddle player for touring DMB Tribute band
Looking for experienced fiddle/violin player ...
dreamingtreemusic 0 26/12/2002 2258
  Please Help!
Whenever I play near the bottom 3-4inches of ...
Laura 0 21/12/2002 895
  I haven`t learned virbrato yet.
I just don`t know how. Any tips?...
someone 6 13/12/2002 1142
  can anyone help me?
I am looking to buy an electric violin, but b...
genie 18 7/12/2002 1267
  Who composed "Bourrec Alla Polacca"?
Any of you know who composed "Bourrec Alla Po...
Solomon Indo 2 3/12/2002 1164
  any tips on how to sight-read real fast??
Brishen 14 19/11/2002 2797
  Violin piece for "I still call Australia home"
I am desperately trying to find the violin pi...
Kellie 0 12/11/2002 1471
  where can i find free violin position etudes?
someone 0 9/11/2002 1337
I am interested in taking lessons to play the...
Lacey 6 29/10/2002 1577
  how much rosin do you pput on the bow??
I just bought a student violin yesterday and ...
pj 6 31/8/2002 2066

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