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  Optimum size cello
Can anyone help? I am an adult and I am 1.59...
 andsfape 6 14/12/2011 942
  El Condor Passa - cello trio
I have recently completed a FREE sheet music ...
 Allewis55 0 14/12/2011 622
  what clef is cello in?
Hi everyone, I am thinking about learning to ...
 LilLaree 15 3/12/2011 8467
  Notes for Apocalyptica
Hi, I know that a lot of cello players ask fo...
 AquaDive 0 26/11/2011 898
  Georges Bizet - Prelude
I have recently completed a FREE sheet music ...
 Allewis55 0 18/11/2011 1175
  Question from a new Cellist
Greetings all! For many years (I'm in my...
 Kiapan 3 9/11/2011 968
  My project: practice the cello worldwide
This year, in may, I attended to a conference...
 hegyhati 3 23/10/2011 702
  Cello Info for maker Nicolaus Bernhardt request
Hi, a few years ago I used to play the cello....
 Zoe1 0 17/10/2011 763
For all of you who want to wish a Happy Birth...
 bardar 0 7/10/2011 559
  New Intermediate Piece for Cello
Id like to invite you to listen to my compos...
 cooppress 0 26/9/2011 543
  New Book, Cello Chords, an exploration of Harmony on the Cello
Hey guys, I'm Bryan Wilson, I'm a cel...
 bryanwilsoncello 0 5/9/2011 1296
  The Cello Companion
Hi all! I've launched a blog for cellists...
 cellostudio 6 2/8/2011 1224
  For Sale : Archer 4/4 Cello+Fibreglass Case 380
A bran new 4/4 size Archer Cello, with a Fibr...
 joeljinx 0 26/7/2011 1280
  Cello in theatre de l`Etang Vert
Hello to you all I had forgotten how easy it...
 kimuz 0 26/7/2011 519
  Does anyone have anything to add?
Bach Six Suites . Suite Number 5 Gavotte I an...
 mikey_ura 6 26/6/2011 1017
  Best of Metallica for Cello
Dear All, Next to the pieces I got from my ...
 hegyhati 5 22/6/2011 2977
  I dare to ask about the summer course :)
hi, I 'dare' not to reply to the pos...
 oh-that-cello 2 22/6/2011 760
Hey guys, so this is my first post but I have...
 Matt058 5 14/6/2011 910
  Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass Solo Repertoire Survey
Hello!! I am currently attempting to gather ...
 jamiller87 1 20/4/2011 961
  Buying a soft cello case
Hello, i am new around here. I don't know...
 sebika 4 20/4/2011 1684

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