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  having difficulties learning. Please help
Hey there, im new to cello and am having some...
 Disuseme 2 14/8/2009 1200
  TRio Violin Cello and Piano
Hello Friends , Here is a couple links of m...
 OscarNavarro 1 12/8/2009 752
  What are some good affordable cello brands?
I've been looking all over on the interne...
 ayco 2 12/8/2009 6480
  cello auditions...what to play
Hi, I am 15 years old and playing cello for ...
 breathingcello 2 10/8/2009 1138
  help me find a good instructional book
I am learning to play the Cello. It's my...
 adamgram 4 2/8/2009 1161
  Violin to Cello
Hi,I'm 13 and have been playing violin fo...
 austincupcake 2 1/8/2009 940
  second hand Cello
some helps here: im planning to get a second...
 notes8 3 1/8/2009 2346
  A feedback from cello players would be appreciated.
I am working now on a section of a trio where...
 AmateurComposer 14 1/8/2009 3815
  Looking for old or broken cello strings
I'm a hurdy-gurdy maker and am always loo...
 gurdymaker 1 1/8/2009 1047
  calling all U.S.A residents: what`s the musical exam system in america?
i'm in the U.K., where most people use AR...
 searchforperfection 6 1/8/2009 1803
  Watch The Video, Rufus Cappadocia Performing!
 Aminor 0 8/7/2009 743
  Best case scenario - mortal treason
does anyone know the cello part for this song...
 alyrayrawr 0 4/7/2009 836
  Cello or violin??? help me
Hi I want to start an instrument but I cant d...
 darknight7181 5 28/6/2009 4902
  Buying a Cello for a child
I'm looking to buy a cello (for my daught...
 IslaPlaysFiddle 0 19/6/2009 956
  What makes a good cello teacher? Please help!
Hi all, After more than a decade of wanting ...
 annushkhha 2 15/6/2009 1763
  In the market for a better cello
I love my cello, I realy do. But, it is gett...
 _Shadow_ 3 8/6/2009 1617
  Looking for Apocalyptica sheet music
If anyone has any Apocalyptica, preferably Fa...
 Looney_Link 6 5/6/2009 5750
  Possible beginner
Hi there, I principally play the flute and h...
 lance_flute 2 1/6/2009 873
  What are the names of the strings on a cello?
What are the names of the strings on a cello?...
 rdec 2 1/6/2009 8624
  looking for vivaldi concerto parts
Hi. I am planning to use the Vivaldi Concert...
 wecky 1 1/6/2009 1339

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