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  Crit my singing?
Hey, I want to be the lead singer in my band,...
 Josephviper 4 20/9/2012 1009
  new songs on acoustic guitar
found some new acoustic songs, by this band u...
 jeffrosey1 0 11/9/2012 982
On this occasion we want to talk about a bal...
 rdavisr 0 19/8/2012 871
  Another song by JOSEPH FERRANTE
We first came to you talking about the ¨Hey ...
 rdavisr 0 4/8/2012 802
  Which guitar? Jackson King V JS32T vs. Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe
I play mainly metal and want another electric...
 sicknot 3 31/7/2012 1911
Sooo I've had an acoustic for almost a ye...
 flyawaylittlebee 5 22/7/2012 1814
  Medicean Moon Dance - Alastair Lewis
I have recently completed a FREE sheet music ...
 Allewis55 0 21/6/2012 928
  Andalusian Melody - Alastair lewis
I have recently completed a FREE sheet music ...
 Allewis55 0 11/6/2012 1008
  E/Bb and teabags??
Hey, I am learning this new song, I'm kin...
 JesseWare 0 21/5/2012 950
  Payable On Death is back in action!
I'm in love with P.O.D.'s new single ...
 PODA7X 0 11/4/2012 932
  when to transition?
When do u stop calling yourself a beginner an...
 Nanii 4 2/4/2012 1148
  Bohemian Melody - solo guitar
I have recently completed a FREE sheet music ...
 Allewis55 0 20/3/2012 999 free websites for concertists of classical music has just been inaugurated, ...
 theconcertist 0 2/3/2012 957
  French Guitar Contest
Hi everybody Just to announce you a BIG inter...
 christmartin 0 10/2/2012 933
  Allegretto - Alastair Lewis
I have recently completed a FREE sheet music ...
 Allewis55 0 4/2/2012 769
  JOSEPH FERRANTE, the piano tuner of George Harrison
Joseph Ferrante had his first guitar as a C...
 rdavisr 1 31/12/2011 1617
  The recomposition of Hey Jude by JOSEPH FERRANTE (extreme guitar work)
This treatment of the song has been completel...
 rdavisr 1 31/12/2011 1215
  Which octave am I supposed to play while reading sheet music?
Ok so this might seem like a stupid question ...
 dhruv990 3 4/12/2011 2914
  Dionisio Aguado - Valse in A major
I have recently completed a FREE sheet music...
 Allewis55 0 30/10/2011 1121
  Villa-Lobos Guitar Concerto sheet music
Hey, the score and parts for Villa-Lobos Conc...
 amandab 0 26/10/2011 1783

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