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  I`ll trade songs, for other songs.
If anyone, has songs...such as Mario theme, o...
Vaughn 18 7/12/2004 1007
  James Horner fingering notes for recorder
My Heart Will Go On - James Horner F,F,F,F,E,...
Ramodias 10 7/12/2004 3342
  Question from one of my kids
Are there any notes that are on quarter of a ...
trish 2 7/12/2004 819
  post here
james bond,mario,acdc,and jimi hendrix...
frankie 0 27/11/2004 1178
  I have a music exam tommorow!! anyone know "A Whole New World"?
anyone? help me...
sara 4 20/11/2004 2698
  Any 1 know how to play king of the hill on a recorder
Josh 4 15/11/2004 1231
  Any one who knows how to play come here...
Tell me the songs you know!...
Sarah 18 14/11/2004 5831
  sponge bob---------not guitar
i need spongebob songs...
Bob 6 6/11/2004 2608
  Old recorder
I was checking out a music shop one day, and ...
kychiew 10 21/10/2004 1008
  recorder songs
somebody do you have 1through 5 in recorder s...
guy 2 21/10/2004 932
  What Are Some Websites With Free Recorder Sheet Music For Beginners?
Peachie 6 13/10/2004 2127
  F sounds out of tune on my tenor/soprano recorder?
Hi! Recently I bought a recorder. It is Yamah...
ecmjazz 2 12/10/2004 1852
  does eneyone know the song amazing grace
i realy have to know tha song...
brian 33 22/9/2004 3803
  cleaning wand
Where can one get a new cleaning wand...
Staffan H 10 20/9/2004 1194
  Jazz recorder...?
On another forum there was a large disagremen...
TheBard 14 15/9/2004 2021
  What does a 8 over the treble clef mean?
I have bought a recorder some time ago, a che...
CoffeeMug 2 8/9/2004 1850
hello everyone! ilike to play recorder.i am p...
sharmin 14 23/8/2004 1142
  Brobdingnagian Bards
I`d like the notes to Brobdingnagian Bards-TO...
Imperiet 0 21/8/2004 907
  how to develop beat sense
sharmin 2 21/7/2004 1146
  Recorder Range
I have a question about a soprano recorder`s ...
0 26/6/2004 1519

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