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  SINGERS WANTED - open auditions Xenomania/Sony Music
Xenomania Records in conjunction with Sony Mu...
 loulouh 0 24/7/2013 1343
  How to sing better
It's easy to sing a better singer. ...
 orko 0 23/7/2013 425
  Help Me choose a song!!!! Ive never sang before!
I have already asked these but in different q...
 RonnieBurney 0 20/7/2013 459
  a chance fo unsigned talent (free)
hey, what's going on i'm owner and fo...
 Mini_Miles_Davis 0 29/6/2013 368
  Some invaluable tips and reccomendations to look after your gifted talents
Drink up to 8-10 glasses of pure water every ...
 mackers 0 21/6/2013 378
  Listen to my first recording and cover?
Hello! I just recorded myself singing for th...
 Sionna 0 12/6/2013 401
  Singer needed for Cruise Ship band
Hey guys, I'm currently seeking singers ...
 jeremymyeroff 0 10/6/2013 715
 Mini_Miles_Davis 0 1/5/2013 388
  What`s Your Vocal Range
just a random thread. Do you know your vocal ...
 strife860 8 22/4/2013 1797
  My Friend, Tim
So my friend is really good (this is not me, ...
 torbov 0 13/4/2013 374
  Learn to play jazz and play in a group at NYJA!
Just shearing about this school that offers g...
 solomarce1 0 9/4/2013 358
  Alina Orlova Vaikelis cover by vietinis kosmonautas
 Egariune4 1 26/3/2013 420
  singer needs group/band
Hi guys, my name is ryan im 24 years old i be...
 ryjones88 1 26/3/2013 429
  Hi I`m new here.
Hi, I'm Elena and I just stumbled on this...
 Elena-House 1 26/3/2013 456
  Dead confederate the rat cover by Egariune
 Egariune4 0 17/3/2013 393
  I`m having singing lessons but not sure if they`re a waste of money and time?
So my singing lessons are 10 for half an hou...
 mollyyyyy 12 16/3/2013 2774
  Music Camp for Adults
Midsummer Musical Retreat, a Festival worksho...
 MMR 0 2/3/2013 399
  Please take my survey for singers
Please take my survey, link is below. It shou...
 saajidah93 0 25/2/2013 456
  Looking for a singer for a band
 SALerusse 1 17/2/2013 765
  New in town! Tell me what you think of my stuff :)
Hey guys! I'm a 24 year old guy from Belg...
 Bashful 0 3/2/2013 420

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