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  Piccolo French horn??!!
A couple of weeks ago I discovered a piccolo ...
 mormhorn 0 26/2/2008 2317
i'm about to enter college as a music maj...
 jorge531 3 26/2/2008 897
  A Little bit of contraversy--I want your honest opinion!!!
A little history first... I've played Fr...
 mytheiya 5 26/2/2008 1742
Hi, erm im going to get a new horn on wednesd...
 benhollings 1 19/2/2008 931
  Jupiter horn anyone?
I was wondering if anyone has a Jupiter frenc...
 gramlingk 4 18/2/2008 1009
  tips on playing low notes
exactly what the topic says...
 celloclarinetguy 4 17/2/2008 1221
  Shostakovich 5 solo
I just took a look at the low horn solo from ...
 jorge531 6 16/2/2008 1497
  Ways to improve range and endurance quickly?
Hi all, I'm looking for some tips and tri...
 auroraflame 3 16/2/2008 2419
  Your music - sites anyone?
Anyone have any music listed on a site like y...
 thebluesbox 1 16/2/2008 761
  Highest notes written for horn
I'm curious as to the presence of horn li...
 m9lc 3 16/2/2008 1992
  multiphonics/ polyphonics
who else can do them? I think they are fun an...
 mentalysound 6 16/2/2008 3409
  im switching from horn to trumpet... help?
I've played the horn for 3 yrs now and i ...
 hornplayer8 9 16/2/2008 1596
  Horn Case?
Hey, i'm looking to buy another horn case...
 auroraflame 4 5/2/2008 2584
  basic range
can any of you give me an idea of the average...
 laeta_puella 3 4/2/2008 913
  online lesson w Erik Ralske NY Phil
 newyorkny 0 3/2/2008 1137
  Golden State Pops Orchestra presents Strauss, Horn Concerto #1
Music for Lovers and Other Strangers Saturday...
 gspo 0 1/2/2008 2327
  Kruspe or Geyer?
There are two ways to wrap the tubing around ...
 Fredrick 2 25/1/2008 7350
  Silent Mute
Is the French Horn silent Practice mute worth...
 BeastModeMello 2 23/1/2008 813
  What Horn Do you Suggest?
I'm getting a new horn for graduation. A...
 BeastModeMello 5 23/1/2008 1032
  Have you named your French Horn?
I've named the Conn 6D I play "Harold" I...
 Fredrick 6 22/1/2008 1365

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