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  A match up
What is a good mouthpiece match-up for a King...
 hornboy90 12 27/8/2008 2877
  advice for selling horn
Hello, I'm looking into selling my son...
 ellemgee 2 27/8/2008 1483
  German Wind Soloists. Mozart Gran Partita.
Just bought a CD. German Wind Soloists. Mozar...
 dickdona 1 21/8/2008 1114
  Conn 12D vs Holton H200
Hellow to everybody, Im a new menber in the ...
 Nachorn 9 19/8/2008 4656
I'm rather disconnected from the main mus...
 Fredrick 1 17/8/2008 929
  French Horn and BE
"BE" is short for Balanced Embouchure, a deve...
 granny 0 15/8/2008 975
  Getting back to this forum.
Wow! I'm glad to see this forum is still...
 granny 10 4/8/2008 1166
  Practicing "the digital way."
Hans Pizka coined a clever phrase when he rec...
 granny 4 1/8/2008 914
  Switching form school band to marching band...?
Alright, so originally, I'm an oboe playe...
 oboechic1314 3 23/7/2008 1362
  Basic horn question
I recently acquired a full double horn, and w...
 mico 7 7/7/2008 1862
Hi all, I have a nice Yamaha 4335G trumpet, ...
 emanresu00 5 5/7/2008 3040
What's the best way to audition? I'm...
 Fredrick 3 3/7/2008 980
  how many members are in your marching band???
5 trumpets,2 piccalos,1 sax,1 tenor sax,1 tub...
 delomellocathfhorn212 19 2/7/2008 7227
  FS: Rare King Silver Double, Circa 1945, $4000 obo
Hi all, I have a very rare old french horn th...
 satori 1 30/6/2008 994
  Does it ever get easier?
This last weekend was the solo/ensemble festi...
 mormhorn 5 24/6/2008 2904
  Should I try French Horn?
I've played Tuba, Trombone, Trumpet, Viol...
 Sergeant-Chronos 6 23/6/2008 1703
  what do u find easier to play?french horn, or mellophone?
i find mellophone easier but wat do u ...
 delomellocathfhorn212 11 22/6/2008 4443
Does anybody have any tips on how to improve/...
 Fredrick 10 22/6/2008 1638
  Warm up AND cool down?
It seems like good logic. What's your op...
 Fredrick 5 20/6/2008 926
  Can I trust the horns on ebay?
I was looking at french horns on ebay and fou...
 JuliaofHH 4 17/6/2008 1036

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