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  New original piece for horn quartet, Hypnos
 M-Papeghin 1 3/3/2011 733
  Effect of oiling on timbre and low notes - causation or coincidence?
Tonight I oiled my horn valves and slides. W...
 karlbonner82 1 3/3/2011 780
  Emergency help needed with horn repair!!!!
Before you say, "Oh, that's not a big dea...
 glentoconnor 2 3/3/2011 1189
  compensating french horn
hello i play a conn 6d at my high school and ...
 frenchhorn12 2 2/3/2011 1194
  How you judges Holton H180?
Recent, I bought a Holton H180 Farkas, double...
 GilBrasil 3 28/2/2011 1566
  Slide Grease
Does anybody have any suggestions for a good ...
 hornboy90 3 18/2/2011 763
  Conn 8d Advice
I'm looking for a horn for an 11-year-old...
 mnbass 5 16/2/2011 2338
  Improving the low register
I've been making a special point to spend...
 karlbonner82 3 13/2/2011 791
  Morceau de Concert
Hello, I'm attempting to get into a music...
 hornforlife 2 7/2/2011 1044
  Bore of high vs low natural horn keys
Were there very many attempts in the late 18t...
 karlbonner82 3 5/2/2011 963
  The future of the single F horn
Over the years there apparently has been a ma...
 karlbonner82 4 2/2/2011 1372
  Looking for this horn concerto
 tattooed 2 29/1/2011 624
  Interesting excerpt on natural horn keys in Mozart`s compositions
 karlbonner82 1 28/1/2011 733
  Additional horn forums
As grateful as I am for the contributions to ...
 karlbonner82 1 26/1/2011 1117
Recently I joined a brass choir. Out of all t...
 Fredrick 1 24/1/2011 971
  Referring to fingerings by the corresponding crook pitch
Do any of you ever label, or have seen labele...
 karlbonner82 4 24/1/2011 755
  need horn for a 7th grader
Hello! I'm a 7th grade r's mom who is...
 polhan 1 20/1/2011 581
  Pitch range rules by difficulty grading
It's an absurdly obvious fact that as the...
 karlbonner82 5 20/1/2011 1055
  Reselling a Horn
I have a Conn 8D that I played throughout hi...
 SlvrDragon50 2 18/1/2011 625
  Simulated natural horn
I'm a newbie here so I want to introduce ...
 karlbonner82 3 15/1/2011 831

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