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KingZilla are a band i'm in back home and...
 KingZillaMusic 1 23/2/2011 731
  Tony Roberts - New Album - You Know Me
 j1mb0jay 0 28/1/2011 632
  Sweeter Than Peter - New, Young Band!
Hello, <b>Sweeter Than Peter</b> ...
 samthewombat 4 5/11/2010 1887
  New artist Eye Class(electro/house music)
Hi guys, Here is Eye Class new video "Back &...
 Albert99 0 18/10/2010 605
  Khris Royal & Dark Matter
 musicfromlastnight 0 17/9/2010 641
  Brunettes Shoot Blondes (a band from Ukraine)
Hello. First of all, sorry if I made mistakes...
 bsblondes 0 13/8/2010 653
  New Advantguard Rock in Roll to melt you mind
 bigbry007 0 3/8/2010 682
  Young Musician - Camryn! Hello. I recently re...
 awesomepossum 0 28/7/2010 748
  aspiring teen musician-Kyle
i have a youtube page that you can see some o...
 kylemeraz 0 4/7/2010 669
  Teen Pop Artist - Rachel
I just joined this forum and wanted to introd...
 RachelMillhauser 0 22/5/2010 616
Not my band,,,but some friends of mine. Excel...
 herrx 0 7/5/2010 700
  DJ Vlad Ninov
 djvladninov 0 28/3/2010 605
  New band No Machine
Hey everyone, just introducing a new band cal...
 kittencat 0 12/3/2010 782
  The TradeMark Experience
The TradeMark Experience For those of y’all ...
 TheTradeMarkExperience 0 24/2/2010 796
  not a band but I am alone
Hi, guys! I am a guitar player and so dream ...
 WebPro 0 23/2/2010 518
  ABBA Sensation Tribute Band
Hi Guys, I recently went down to London to t...
 musiclover692009 0 22/2/2010 734
  Amped 4-A-Cure-Supporting Cancer Research Through Music-Need Artists to donate their music!
Hello there everyone! Cool site, I'm digg...
 cabanachives 0 24/1/2010 724
  Visit my band!
Hi everyone! I'm starting a new project ...
 ASO 0 7/1/2010 615
  Receive 100% royalties- GREAT for new bands!
I am a new artist and am looking for somewher...
 musics07 0 9/12/2009 659
  Run into Jordan In this winter
I am in a good mood in this year. Because I&#...
 amanda6562 0 27/11/2009 863

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