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  New artist page
Hey all, I've jst got a new artist page o...
 skatababe88 1 25/1/2008 929
  Who`s the best violin player in the world?
Hello ladies and gentlemen I'd like to re...
 Diana_Glow 0 25/1/2008 11128
  Soulful, Sultry ,Smooth Jazz Flautist Shana Kaye!
Shana Kaye - New on the Smooth Jazz scene Fla...
 UtopiaRecords 0 17/1/2008 1633
  Hot, New, Smooth Jazz Bari-Sax player Rebecca Buxton!
Utopia Records Rebecca Buxton - An innovative...
 UtopiaRecords 0 17/1/2008 2389
 mad_cow 0 12/1/2008 677
  Adam`s God - Out Of The Ashes Of the Dead Toronto Music Scene
New, HardRock band here to shake you up, thro...
 AdamRave 0 27/12/2007 1057
  Introducing The Ellie Chronicles....
Ok well the band I am in, is The Ellie Chroni...
 TheEllieChronicles 0 10/12/2007 926
  recording everything
 shoaibrupom 2 1/12/2007 959
  Ware County High School Golden Gator Band
Hi guys, I'm a tuba player from the Ware ...
 Snicket 1 25/11/2007 1934
  I am The Rockstar Bassoonist
Hello, everyone. I am a solo recording artist...
 the_rockstar_bassoonist 10 25/10/2007 3106
  Were do i start.......
Ok.... I want to start a band... I just dunno...
 Yonina 1 25/10/2007 1040
  The music of RED
Hey guys! You have to check out this new ama...
 Death2Flesh 2 21/10/2007 996
  Invitation To Join 2nd Wind Ensemble
Calling all Wind Players in Leicestershire & ...
 SecondWind 0 12/10/2007 685
 Mozarteress 0 21/9/2007 612
  My name is Michelle........
hey everyone! my name is Michelle Ganno! I LO...
 mganno_ky 0 27/8/2007 1262
  Mr. Dalton <3
This guy's uber talented but doesn't ...
 maestro_kitty 0 19/7/2007 846
  Lisa Perry new here
Hi, Im Lisa i'm going to introduce myself...
 newbegining 0 1/7/2007 819
  Our Band
G-SiDes (meh i guess its ok) Vocals: Peter an...
 PADAlt 1 25/6/2007 874
  Cinder Road!!
Come over and take a listen to Cinder Road, g...
 jacque 0 7/6/2007 1006
  James Lee Stanley
In case anyone doesn't already know... J...
 AdroitOne 0 18/5/2007 936

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