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  Wes Montgomery
Hi, I am an aspiring Jazz Guitarist/Musicsian...
Anselmo D. Castillo 8 20/11/2003 1786
  Starting a band
So, does anyone know how to start out with a ...
Dan Glaude 6 18/11/2003 1565
  Can anyone suggest....
Can anyone suggest any artrists who are like ...
Becky-Lu 0 14/11/2003 2354
  Book on jazz piano?
I`m a professional pianist who only recently ...
JazzNewbie 10 31/10/2003 1682
  Roy Eldridge
Does anyone know where I can get hold of a c1...
Boaky 0 31/10/2003 995
  All the Things you are - sheetmusic request
If you have the sheetmusic for this piece, co...
Matt 0 28/10/2003 1350
  Larry Bright-Victor Wooten
Totally 100% free RealVideo Broadband clip of...
Oakkstick 0 28/10/2003 860
  jazz tune id
john 0 21/10/2003 1706
  Blue Rondo a la Turk
Hello, this is my first post here and I wish ...
Terence 2 19/10/2003 6609
  Know "My Brazilian Beauty" performed by Armstrong
I think this is the title. Am looking for any...
Briana 0 10/10/2003 1072
  free sheet music please
does anyone know were i can get some free she...
weezer 6 6/10/2003 2907
  Mediterranean Sun Dance Sheet Music
I need the sheet music to the version of Medi...
Stephen P 2 3/10/2003 1776
  Free Larry Bright Broadband Videos
Two great full length streaming Real Videos w...
Oakkstick 0 11/9/2003 2517
  In The Mood
Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me ...
JediMike 10 26/8/2003 6849
  Ok, I`m sorry, but I`m starting to get irritated. LOOK here, NOW! Please! For the sake of mankind!
Olga 0 19/8/2003 1224
  Al Jerreau lyrics: Blue Rondo a la Turk
I will be performing Dave Brubeck`s Blue Rond...
Anna 2 25/7/2003 8255
  Recording Studio Need!
Hey, does anyone know of any recording studio...
Me 2 16/7/2003 1187
  smooth piano...
Zade`s new album is awesome. I`ve been liste...
Holly 2 15/7/2003 1298
  Jazz Sextet
Come and visit our new site www.6paconline.c...
Richard 4 13/7/2003 1128
  Jazz Band early? -trumpet
I am going into 8th grade next year.. Our jaz...
Lilmusician 4 25/6/2003 1389

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