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16 Feb
  Re: Question about Marcus Bonna MB-5 bag for the horn    Posted in Horn Forum
I have to say that I got a very sturdy pro-tec case that'll take just about any normal travel ex...
15 Feb
  Re: Mom needs help!    Posted in Bassoon Forum
Erratum: Last sentence above should read: "Rather than asking for anonymous help on the Internet, la...
15 Feb
  Composition pending    Posted in Site Support Forum
I uploaded a piano score 3 weeks ago... No sign that it's been noticed yet... ...
7 Feb
  Re: Got an amazing service from an artist booking platform    Posted in Voice Forum
2 Feb
  Re: A List of Resources Sites for Violin Players    Posted in Violin Forum
If you have any suggestions, add it to the list here...
2 Feb
  Re: New Free Sheet Music Website    Posted in Violin Forum
Nice website...
30 Jan
  Re: Fur Elise by Beethoven. Common mistakes to avoid.    Posted in Piano Forum
The only significant mistake, and by far the most common, is to play it at all....
19 Jan
  Re: Playing Loud    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Just out of curiosity, how come those other 2 that only March aren't in the band full time?
19 Jan
  Re: trumpet improvisation and playing by notes    Posted in Trumpet Forum
Re: "so if i want to play with notes at the one side i have to play a Bb when there is written a C, ...
7 Jan
  Re: Is there a way to change Double Horn Setting?    Posted in Horn Forum
It appears that if you were to unscrew the mini-ball attachment on the change valve and screw it to ...
3 Jan
  Re: Hello everyone! Need advice from the pros in the music :)    Posted in Popular Music Forum
Hello! Himself recently asked this question. You can, of course, do everything yourself - upload to ...
29 Dec
  Re: record playalong track?    Posted in General Forum
check this
29 Dec
  Re: Boogie Woogie Country Girl Sheet Music    Posted in General Forum

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