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19 Feb
  Re: Wisdom teeth removal (surgery) and playing    Posted in Horn Forum
I had two impacted and two more normal wisdom teeth, although they would have been angled uncomforta...
19 Feb
  Re: Sorry to ask: Height VS Finger span    Posted in Cello Forum
Also, renting might be better until you figure it out....
18 Feb
  Parent looking to upgrade high school student flute    Posted in Flute Forum
Got lots questions since I am just the money guy. Here is what I was told by the private lessons tea...
17 Feb
  Re: Clearing moisture from a single horn?    Posted in Horn Forum
Pulling the tuning slide, rolling the horn around and getting the water out the bell, and in despera...
16 Feb
  dumps + pin track 1/2    Posted in General Forum
Track 1/2 ******clone card prices LIST********ATM NOTE: Our Dumps have NO REGIONAL CONTROL meaning...
15 Feb
  Re: hi    Posted in Clarinet Forum
that it is ...
13 Feb
  Re: Trumpet Help!    Posted in Trumpet Forum
Catch the paper on fire it should burn and then poof! New trumpet...
10 Feb
  Re: Bassoon harness hook    Posted in Bassoon Forum
There is probably a hole where one used to be. A competent woodwind technician should be able to fit...
5 Feb
  Re: High Note Problems    Posted in Oboe Forum
Your band director might be the person to ask about oboe specialists local you. That's the sort ...

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