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25 Apr
  Re: Contrabass Clarinet Advice    Posted in General Forum
I play the contralto clarinet for a couple of songs in the Columbia Basin Concert band. I sit next ...
24 Apr
  Re: recommended exercise book    Posted in Clarinet Forum
You might try my book "The Most Advanced Clarinet Book". You can practice it slowly or even a measur...
11 Apr
  Re: Fox bassoon and Legere reed    Posted in Bassoon Forum
Perhaps my original post sounded too flippant. Sorry. Seriously, I have heard very good and very b...
10 Apr
  Re: Considering the Horn as a Potential Instrument.    Posted in Horn Forum
High as a trumpet? No. Low as a tuba? Yes, in theory, but the horn, being a much narrower bore than...
6 Apr
  Re: Accent double horn    Posted in Horn Forum
for the price, replace it with a used Hoyer compensator or some such. ...

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