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19 Feb
  Brand Identity Needed    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hello I just purchased a b flat clarinet and the only brand markings are a small faint Elkhart on t...
19 Feb
  Re: Wisdom teeth removal (surgery) and playing    Posted in Horn Forum
I had two impacted and two more normal wisdom teeth, although they would have been angled uncomforta...
19 Feb
  Re: Sorry to ask: Height VS Finger span    Posted in Cello Forum
Also, renting might be better until you figure it out....
17 Feb
  Re: Clearing moisture from a single horn?    Posted in Horn Forum
Pulling the tuning slide, rolling the horn around and getting the water out the bell, and in despera...
16 Feb
  dumps + pin track 1/2    Posted in General Forum
Track 1/2 ******clone card prices LIST********ATM NOTE: Our Dumps have NO REGIONAL CONTROL meaning...
15 Feb
  Re: hi    Posted in Clarinet Forum
that it is ...
13 Feb
  Re: Trumpet Help!    Posted in Trumpet Forum
Catch the paper on fire it should burn and then poof! New trumpet...
10 Feb
  Re: Bassoon harness hook    Posted in Bassoon Forum
There is probably a hole where one used to be. A competent woodwind technician should be able to fit...
5 Feb
  Re: High Note Problems    Posted in Oboe Forum
Your band director might be the person to ask about oboe specialists local you. That's the sort ...

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