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23 Sep
  Ecodear    Posted in Recorder Forum
Ever since I heard about Yamaha's new PLA plant-based resin plastic recorder I had to have one,...
21 Sep
  Re: My throat closes when I try to sing in front of my coach    Posted in Voice Forum
Hi, I just have the same problem... and I don't want to change my coach as she is a perfect sing...
15 Sep
  Re: HELP! Teaching group lessons with twice as many students as pianos    Posted in Piano Forum
Hi, I am not familiar to piano but I have a friend who is very good in Piano they have a website as...
14 Sep
  Re: Fly me to the Moon, sort of    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Some ligatures are designed to be 'inverted', and you can tell if the side away from screws ...
14 Sep
  Re: Ideas and Suggestions    Posted in Flute Forum
As background, I've been professionally repairing instruments for over 25 years. The low Eb key...
12 Sep
  Re: My Live Orchestra Works (PDF Scores Inside)    Posted in Piano Forum
Sorry, I accidently posted this in the wrong category. Could you please move it? Thank you
7 Sep
  Re: Requesting review/tips/critique    Posted in Voice Forum
Thanks!! That is really helpful!
7 Sep
  Re: SSD Universal Solution For sale    Posted in Rock Music Forum
Ssd Chemicals Solution Company We offer automatic machines with our Technicians to do the large pre...
3 Sep
  Re: What should I do?    Posted in Voice Forum
I'd have to hear you but sometimes classical and jazz training don't lend themselves well to...
2 Sep
  Re: Reharmonization of Oh, Danny Boy    Posted in Piano Forum
I am a guitar player but I think that sounds just superb
1 Sep
  Re: Monning Gebruder bassoon    Posted in Bassoon Forum
Yes, I noticed that too...
29 Aug
  Re: Do i have a good voice? Or potential?    Posted in Voice Forum
Hey Simpan, Nice job. You definitely have potential to be a good singer. From what I heard there&#...

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