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22 Jan
  Review my acapella cover of Ed Sheeran    Posted in Voice Forum
Hi all! I've never taken singing lessons but want to start taking them. Please let me know what...
19 Jan
  Re: French horn jaw pain    Posted in Horn Forum
Wth an overbite, I suspect that you may be applying too much pressure to the lips and given the angl...
18 Jan
  Re: Confused about voice type    Posted in Voice Forum
If I were u, I'd exercise a bit to widen my range. I was something between alt and mezzo. my voc...
13 Jan
  Re: Brush stuck in Trumpet bell: Help???    Posted in Trumpet Forum
You should try long nose pliers...
6 Jan
  Re: Please help me to get the piano letter note of this flute tune.    Posted in Piano Forum
here is the updated link:
4 Jan
  Re: what is this extra tubing?    Posted in Horn Forum
Thank you so much for the reply. I'm really excited about learning 'the best instrument in t...
2 Jan
  Re: Old or new Viola    Posted in Violin Forum
I recommend you to stay with or old ones. Maybe just replace the strings. ...
1 Jan
  Re: New Horn    Posted in Horn Forum
Could be a few things: 1) just hit a slump, which sometimes happens 2) getting used to the whole new...
16 Dec
  Re: Dead B5 key on Piano Replacement Keys to get similar sound    Posted in Piano Forum
I understand it is really annoying, if you are not getting the right sound out your organ. Try to fi...
9 Dec
  Re: Some advice please    Posted in Voice Forum
I i was you, i would practice a bunch of vocal exercises. You can really improve a lot if you put in...
6 Dec
  Re: Neat Find! Jackson Guldan Antonius Stradivarius Violin Faciebat Anno 17    Posted in Violin Forum
What year was it made and in what country?...
4 Dec
  Re: Bassoon reed case    Posted in Bassoon Forum
It is a good idea to have a case for your bassoon reeds that will prevent crushing of the reeds when...
2 Dec
  Re: band accompaniment filters    Posted in Subscribers Forum Forum
Good suggestion thanks! We'll certainly look into ways to make this possible...

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