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16 Jan
  Re: A awesome sheet music App,you can give it a try.    Posted in General Forum
I am beginner with music, theory, keyboard. Thanks for the information. Good luck!...
16 Jan
  Re: Música portuguesa    Posted in General Forum
Obrigado pra compartihar....
15 Jan
  Re: Pearl 795 Elegante or Yamaha 677 HCT?    Posted in Flute Forum
Anybody have any experience with these two flutes?
15 Jan
  Re: What flute to choose    Posted in Flute Forum
Which one do you sound the better on and feels really comfy for your fingers and is the more durable...
15 Jan
It must be the flute. Minor adjustment problem or the head joint problem. The company I am sure will...
15 Jan
  Re: Goal setting for 2018... What do you plan to achieve??    Posted in Flute Forum
OK! Let's do that! Let's keep each other posted and the achievements of work started and don...
15 Jan
  Re: Looking for Singer!    Posted in General Forum
Dr. Hari Om, I love your work, very talented! Please email me and we'll talk privately about cre...
8 Jan
  Re: Please help-High range????    Posted in Horn Forum
I played from age 13 to 23 roughly, then stopped for about 18 or 19 years. I often found that I pla...
8 Jan
  Re: All state is coming, and the note cracks are real    Posted in Horn Forum
I've found that if I'm having trouble with a particular note (or notes) during my warmup, I&...
7 Jan
  Re: NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!    Posted in Trumpet Forum
Do you mean a brand new one or a used one? Either way why not search for one in online shops and eba...
6 Jan
  Re: what do you think of my clarinet    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Thank you. I will do what you say....
3 Jan
  Re: Difference in levels    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Your level is as given by your highest grade pass. What is it? Are you grade 5 or above? If you don&...
1 Jan
  Re: Which trumpet    Posted in Trumpet Forum
Another idea for you:- why not attach the handle of her trumpet case to her wrist with a short strap...
28 Dec
  Re: Please tell me what this song is?    Posted in Piano Forum
The song starts at 3:01. sorry typo...
27 Dec
  Re: Range problem    Posted in Voice Forum
My advice is to get a vocal warmup / exercise CD and practice daily if you can. Just be careful and ...
27 Dec
  Re: Hi I`m new to this site. I`ve been playing piano for........    Posted in Jazz Music Forum
Hi guys , I am jazzhop producer , recently used theese piano chords ,very satisfied so I've dec...

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