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27 Oct
  Trumpet Help!    Posted in Trumpet Forum
I stuck a piece of paper in my trumpet so I could see what happens, I played it and it's broken,...
27 Oct
  Re: Bassoon reed case    Posted in Bassoon Forum
It is indeed a good idea to have a case for the reeds. The tip of the read is quite delicate and can...
22 Oct
  Re: Basoon protractor    Posted in Bassoon Forum
I have only seen it Howarths. It listed as bassoon crook extension, among the bassoon crooks. http:/...
18 Oct
  Re: Help with new flutes    Posted in Flute Forum
Sorry, Nagahara HJ...
18 Oct
  Re: Bach - Partita A Minor for flute solo - Corrente    Posted in Flute Forum
It is a dance!. Try playing like that. ...
15 Oct
  Re: Horn problems    Posted in Horn Forum
Conn 8D's are need a lot of air. I was truly surprised by a friends Hoyer compensating horn. V...
11 Oct
  Re: Hey here! Hope to be friends))))    Posted in Guitar Forum
Hello, thank you so much for responding! I am really glad you replied! And may I ask you if you know...
10 Oct
  Re: Graded classical repertoire book series    Posted in Piano Forum
can you help me,
8 Oct
  Re: French horn in Eb    Posted in Horn Forum
Case in point:
8 Oct
  Re: smiley piercing and playing?    Posted in Horn Forum
As you buzz your lips, a smiley piercing might rattle against your teeth and cause you dental proble...
7 Oct
  Re: Should I quit violin?    Posted in Violin Forum
Haha it's funny that I see that post. I was also asking myself a few days ago if I should quit v...
6 Oct
  Re: Pianos and their makers    Posted in General Forum
indeed interesting. Regards, Gustavo Woltmann...
24 Sep
  Re: The rose by bette midler    Posted in Violin Forum
15 Sep
  Re: I`d Appreciate If Somebody Would Give Me Some Feedback On My Voice    Posted in Voice Forum
HI, Dylan! Yes man, yes! Don't give up on your dream, keep on singing. We love how crisp and uni...
8 Sep
  Re: Flute Upgrade    Posted in Flute Forum

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