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23 Jul
  Re: can`t sing distinctly... What shall I do?    Posted in Voice Forum
Hi GlamrockSam, Thank you very much! I will try to exercise this way during my summer holiday....
23 Jul
  Re: !!Student hates learning left hand part!! What do I do?    Posted in Piano Forum
uhm... Let her play the song that she is interested in.^^...
22 Jul
  If you cant sing it... you cant play it!!!!!    Posted in General Forum
If anyone wants to try this product that really helps with beginner singers here it is: http://a7d62...
22 Jul
  Re: Sounding more mature    Posted in Voice Forum
Hey Rayna
21 Jul
  Re: Why Bb?    Posted in Clarinet Forum
20 Jul
  Re: Looking to learn upright bass as first stringed instrument? Advice?    Posted in Bass Forum
There's no reason to start on a smaller insrtument - go straight for the bass. A lot of people d...
20 Jul
  Re: bass guitar    Posted in Guitar Forum
Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars...
16 Jul
  Re: Question about an old horn    Posted in Horn Forum
At the best of my knowledge, Sonora was one of several brands used by the East German conglomerate V...
14 Jul
  Re: Double (Reed) Trouble    Posted in Bassoon Forum
"I need something smaller than bassoon". Racket perhaps?
11 Jul
  Re: Trombone, tuba or epiphonium for a French horn player?    Posted in Horn Forum
You are most welcome. I don't see why you couldn't transpose those parts from B flat to F an...
10 Jul
  Re: I need help choosing a beginners violin course    Posted in Violin Forum
Hello Sir, here in our school in Milan, Italy we found very useful for beginners (adults and child...
6 Jul
  Re: Common Mouthpiece for Beginners    Posted in Horn Forum
I retired in 2014 after 30 years as a middle school band director and now I am happily playing my ho...

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