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23 Apr
  Re: Best online music production paid courses?    Posted in General Forum
Check out Coursera and Edx!...
23 Apr
  Re: Free music making software?    Posted in General Forum
Are you looking to make beats or write music out?...
23 Apr
  Re: Oboe Issue    Posted in General Forum
Have you tried a different reed or adjusting embouchure?...
23 Apr
  Re: What is your process to perfecting a piece?    Posted in General Forum
1) Record yourself. Doesn't have to be anything fancy - just use your phone and listen. 2) Play...
16 Apr
  Re: Help please - note coming out in the wrong register - tell me I`m not going mad    Posted in Saxophone Forum
Hi, thanks so much for an encouraging post. I play alto sax. Thought it might be bite/embouchure rel...
16 Apr
  Re: Hello from Canada    Posted in Saxophone Forum
Hei fra Norge! Hello from Norway!...
14 Apr
  Re: Helpful Suzuki Violin Guide(YouTube) for violin students and self learners.    Posted in Violin Forum
Great stuff!...
12 Apr
  Re: Trilles    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Then write that you can use the second and third key from the top on the left for the first trill an...
12 Apr
  Re: Does anyone know where/if there is a good Elton John piano book for sale anywhere?    Posted in Piano Forum
You can find all kinds of Elton John Sheet Music Books on I counted at least 1100 books ...
6 Apr
  Re: Learning to read sheet music, where can I find simple quarter note songs?    Posted in Piano Forum
Found this for you!
2 Apr
  Re: Double Horn Question    Posted in Horn Forum
Hi Phred, thank you very much for the information, greatly appreciated....
29 Mar
  Re: Buying a Cello as a Beginner    Posted in Cello Forum
Sorry. That should be "...didn't see a single cello for less
26 Mar
  Re: Only reverb from audio output    Posted in Piano Forum
Get the best quality output from the devices that are manufactured by [url]
23 Mar
  Re: Mouthpiece wearing    Posted in Clarinet Forum
I don't know. Are you worried more about possibly ingesting strange substances, about your mouth...

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