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29 May
  Link to Rudiments    Posted in Percussion Forum
Can you add this link to the site? (Percussion instrument instruction is limited on this paid site)...
24 May
  Update 24/5/2020 <|> Sell Credit Card/DeadFullz/Gifts Card    Posted in Flute Forum
Hi guys! Call me Jack... Update 24/5/2020 <9:54 PM> LIST CREDIT CARD AND GIFT CARD (the l...
15 May
  Re: sobre el acompañamiento de piano    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hola Hay canciones que estan muy cortas, como hago para repetir el acompañamiento del piano y así h...
12 May
  Re: Trying to identify this recorder    Posted in Recorder Forum
Hello I am new to forum. I have been playing recorder for many (30) years and like all discussions ...
13 Apr
  Re: short fingers for cello?    Posted in Cello Forum
It helps, maybe, to have at least reasonably sized hands to play the cello, but the length of the fi...
7 Apr
  Re: Prelude in C major    Posted in Piano Forum
Nice composition, Really catchy!...
4 Apr
  Re: Helpful Suzuki Violin Guide(YouTube) for violin students and self learners.    Posted in Violin Forum
Hey, Thank you for sharing such a helpful guide. It will help people train at home especially in qu...
1 Apr
  Re: karl hofner violin    Posted in Violin Forum
Hey Karl, Since you are a beginner so it seems like it will suffice your requirement if the playab...
28 Mar
  Re: Slurs on the Violin    Posted in Violin Forum
Some of the ways you can make smooth slurs on the violin are: 1) You should divide your bow properly...
23 Mar
  Re: 24/7 Help Desk Services    Posted in General Forum
23 Mar
  Re: perform my first solo piano recital in about 5 or 6 months    Posted in Piano Forum
Anyway, my advice is to begin your recital with the piece with which you are the most comfortable so...
16 Mar
  Re: Bass Clarinet    Posted in Clarinet Forum
You obviously have one or more leaky pads. As a newby you should take it to a repair technician. ...

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