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19 Oct
  Re: My throat closes when I try to sing in front of my coach    Posted in Voice Forum
Vocal exercises are one of the most reliable ways of hitting high notes without strain. Songs are WA...
17 Oct
  Re: When does the music automatically move?    Posted in Site Support Forum
Sorry for the delayed response. Although page turns work on most pieces on the site with normal play...
6 Oct
  Re: Für Elise question    Posted in Classical Music Forum
Never mind I figured it out! I forgot that the sharp stays for the whole bar, so the flat would brin...
6 Oct
  Re: What type of professional Clarinet should I get if one day I can?    Posted in Clarinet Forum
I think you will find that bassett clarinets are only made in A. Re transposing to play A parts on a...
3 Oct
  Re: Ecodear    Posted in Recorder Forum
Aulos 309A Auto resin recorder while it does have a nice tone it's not a handmade Frederick Von ...
3 Oct
  Re: I need help picking out a new intermediate flute!    Posted in Flute Forum
I'm no expert, but I did purchase a new flute recently. I've only heard good things about th...
2 Oct
  Re: Opinions and thoughts on Schreiber S31 basoon    Posted in Bassoon Forum
Yes - they do list it as a professional instrument....
27 Sep
  Re: High Note Problems    Posted in Oboe Forum
Squeaking on high notes can happen when your reed is not adjusted properly, your embouchure is too t...
25 Sep
  Re: HornHerald!    Posted in Horn Forum
Have you advertised this on Horn People on Facebook already? If you haven't it might draw more p...

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