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14 Oct
  Re: Hello from Canada    Posted in Flute Forum
Late Hello from Russia
14 Oct
  Method books and Solos    Posted in Bassoon Forum
Hello, I am a music teacher (percussionist) just starting out and I would like to know the standard ...
8 Oct
  Re: I can be your students and teacher    Posted in Piano Forum
hii i saw my uncle playing in piano so welll and its so cool i asked him to tech me and he told me...
24 Sep
  Re: What type of professional Clarinet should I get if one day I can?    Posted in Clarinet Forum
I recently heard someone say they paid about $6,000 U.S. for a new Buffet. This is not much higher t...
23 Sep
  Re: Adult Total (Potential) Noob!    Posted in Horn Forum
I hope your not doomed or maybe i am also. im 68 and just picked up clarinet and alto sax for first...
23 Sep
  Re: Hello from Canada    Posted in Viola Forum
hello from bc canada...
22 Sep
  Re: Is it worth upgrading to a better clarinet?    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Plastic clarinets vs. wood clarinets Plastic clarinets are great for beginners. Plastic is a resilie...
8 Sep
  Re: What`s with my horn?    Posted in Horn Forum
We'd need to know the maker and have some pictures at least to have an idea. There were single ...
29 Aug
  Re: The Most Advanced Clarinet Book    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Now available at Barnes & Noble and Strand of NYC. No longer at Bookmasters. personal website --- ...
29 Aug
  Re: Hello from Canada    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hello from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia....

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