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18 Jun
  Re: Hello from Canada    Posted in Guitar Forum
Hello hope your having fun with your music ps HAVE FUN!
18 Jun
  Re: recommended exercise book    Posted in Clarinet Forum
You did a great job on Progressive Melodies. There are a various way to done exercise but I can sugg...
18 Jun
  Re: Is it worth upgrading to a better clarinet?    Posted in Clarinet Forum
I'm not sure to weather your type of clarinet is plastic or wooden. Wooden clarinets make a much...
15 Jun
  Re: Sticky pads on saxophone    Posted in Saxophone Forum
My sax repair person advised me to use Zippo lighter fluid on cigarette paper pulled through the ton...
4 Jun
  Re: Absolute Beginner    Posted in Saxophone Forum
Hi Pennsin - thanks for that - yes I found my first reed lasted about 25 hours of practice - which m...
31 May
  Re: Hello from Canada    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Hi Sharon, welcome to the forum
31 May
  Re: How do you learn a new song?    Posted in General Forum
Thanks Ken, I guess as I become more experienced, different things will work.
28 May
  Re: Faulty French Horn?    Posted in Horn Forum
Wow, that is incredibly helpful, thank you so much. I hadn't considered that each note needs to...
27 May
  Re: Two Saxophone brands    Posted in Saxophone Forum
Hi Chris, thanks for the advice, it sounds like a good idea. Regards....
27 May
  Re: Goal setting for 2018... What do you plan to achieve??    Posted in Flute Forum
Hi - Do you mind if I join this thread? I am an absolute beginner saxophone player (started 18 days ...
26 May
  Re: Day-To-Day Variance in playing ability (Clarinet)    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Technique is all repetition until you can play all combinations of notes smoothly and rapidly. Then ...
26 May
  Re: Alto Sax Hard To Play    Posted in General Forum
Hi, Thanks. I have been playing for many years. That's a good idea, I might ask my teacher. Than...
26 May
  Re: Alto saxophone B flat impossible to reach    Posted in Saxophone Forum
Yes there are many fingerings for Bb, unfortunately there is only one fingering for low Bb. The best...

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