Correct Use of Slur

Correct Use of Slur    08:14 on Sunday, October 29, 2023          

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Posted by grantrowan

Hello all. I am preparing a flute part, and am unsure about the use of a slur in a particular situation. Unfortunately I am not able to include an attachment to this post, but I will try to explain.

A rising five-note phrase at a farily fast tempo, consisting of four 16th-notes followed by an accented staccato note, which falls on a downbeat (all part of a tutti). I am uncertain as to whether or not the note on the downbeat would be rearticulated by the player, i.e. whether it would make more sense from a player's perspective to have the slur apply to all five notes, or or have it end on the penultimate note instead.

Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.



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