Power of Music

Power of Music

Power of Music    02:34 on Tuesday, June 21, 2005          
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Music is disregarded by many societies in terms of it`s true potential. Although many people can conceive the true power of music many people still neglect the full potential.

Music is defined in the English language as the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Music is evident in every society across the world rectified in the primary years of man as a source of entertainment. Many can perhaps interpret music as 50 cent on Radio oneís top 40, but real music has strong potential to be much more.
There is a small hand full of individuals in the global population who can relate to music mentally, absorbing depending on their emotion a powerful source of motivation, these people are commonly renowned as composers and musical directors in the film sector.
Real Music such as Harry Gregson- Williamsís light of life and Hans Zimmerís Now We Are Free, possess a powerful characteristic which when combined with the a powerful sample of cinematography can give the human witnessing the event a series of emotions which can be defined as power. This power can have adverse effects on the humanís demeanour, characteristics and even the psychological mentality they have on life and other philosophical topics. Many people cannot conceive this emotion and power resulting in them finding other less dominant sources of power. However for people who do possess it, a whole new outlook on life may be adopted resulting in them taking a series of successful paths in their life. Every human being thinks in one way or an whether itís deciding which credit card to use at the supermarket or deciding upon what you want to achieve in life they are all decisions. The difference is that the decisions like the one concerning the credit card are often instantaneous requiring very little thought input and the one regarding life requires much more. A decision, which requires a lot of thought, can be made over a long period of time from events with little thought or by perhaps listening to music and using it to asses life and the future. Music can take this form as well as film, to provide a drive or even the motivation to go through a series of sessions of critical thinking. These two inputs fused together can change someoneís attitude completely. This input of power can perhaps be interpreted and broken down in to the simple equation below:

Human Emotion + Music From influential Composers = Power/Overwhelming Emotions

Sadness + Thomas Newman or Fredric Chopin = Power/Overwhelming Emotions

Beauty (visual splendour) + Enigma or Deep Forest or Astrud Gilberto = Power (Adrenalin)

In life an individual may face a series of mental challenges that can be traced back to a fundamental human emotion. This mental challenge can be loss, anger or even pain but all can be influenced incredibly by the power of music. A persons feelings can be a large percentage due to the type of music they were listening to. For example the US Soldiers in Iraq listen to heavy metal to get their minds in a carefree frame, which enables them to unite and destroy. Itís been scientifically proven that Mozart can increase the intellectual capabilities of a persons mind and the film The Pianist is a testimony to this power by portraying how one person can survive great torture by playing the piano. All this is evidence to this power, which can cause a person to adopt a particular mentality due to their emotion.
The human being is gradually evolving and in the process learning more about some of the processes involved with life. This can be shown by music when the primary human beings used music as form of entertainment to subconsciously make them happy, to the 20th century where individuals have established some of the theories behind life and using musicís potential to create emotions intentionally. This can typically be shown with a powerful piece of film. The key is to establish the mood/demeanour of the film so that music of the same demeanour and power can be inserted to form a very influential clip, which will has the potential to captivate millions. This is evident more and more on the television and in the cinema with more and more people are realising this effect and using it to produce a powerful effect, which can cause the person witnessing it to be overcome with emotion. This emotion penetrates the human mind causing the person witnessing it to be intrigued and memorised by what they have encountered. This feeling is of course power, which can lead to greater things. A film director will realise this and in affect undergo a relationship with a composer to fuse these two very influential forms together. The result is that everybody in the cinema watching the film will be overcome with emotions, which will lead him or her to establish a strong sense of adrenalin. As more and more film directors and musicians begin to establish this fusion the more people who get captivated by it. Film and music have great effects on each other. For example an image of a tree put with a simplistic tune may result in a somewhat unimpressed reaction causing the person viewing it to pass it straight out of their mind. However a powerful piece of imagery such as that of a person travelling through a frozen culture such as the Touregs in Northern Africa witnessing sights such as the crow like presence of a locals eyes in a dark shaded region of a building or a landscape shot of the natural beauty of the area such as the architecture of the mud buildings and the presence of the desert mixed with a piece of music such as Hans Zimmerís Now We Are Free will result in a powerful climax which will consequently cause the viewer to feel the presence of a powerful emotion which will stick with them for a very long time.

Does anybody agree with this statement?

Your thougths would be gratefully received

Re: Power of Music    04:58 on Thursday, June 23, 2005          
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I think you don`t need so many words to let people agree that music has effects on us. Music can make us happy, sad, ...

But I also love Hans Zimmer! You know Jewish music always has something extra.


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