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26 Sep
  Re: My notes sound weird...    Posted in Saxophone Forum
You may need to take the sax for servicing. ...
25 Sep
  Mouthpiece Plating Services    Posted in Horn Forum
Just checking if anyone needs a resource for repair, plating or restoring your mouthpiece? Find me a...
24 Sep
  Re: karl hofner violin    Posted in Violin Forum
Hello, pleased to hear you got into the violin fever
21 Sep
  Re: Melanie Taylor - Big Shot    Posted in Rock Music Forum Run Run .mp3 chek guys...
19 Sep
  Re: Amplifier suggestions to use with a silver flute microphone????    Posted in Flute Forum
Sorry to be slow but a vocal amp might work for you Maybe try the TC-Helicon VoiceSolo FX150 . If bu...
19 Sep
  Re: A lot of missing teeth    Posted in Flute Forum
This will depend upon your dedication and the situation with your mouth. Your teeth help to support...
19 Sep
  Re: Amp suggestions for electrifying silver flute.    Posted in Flute Forum
It depends upon your purpose. Is this for performing live? Also, What sort of budget are you deali...
14 Sep
  Re: CHOPIN Nocturne Op 9/2 Full Score..?    Posted in Subscribers Forum Forum
Hi Victor - some of the pieces we have are in simplified versions, but we do have the full version o...
12 Sep
  Re: Question about Marcus Bonna MB-5 bag for the horn    Posted in Horn Forum
In case you're willing to forgo it along with one mute, you should have area of turntable music ...
2 Sep
  Re: Slurs on the Violin    Posted in Violin Forum
Thanks so much!
26 Aug
  Re: How Jazz Electro Songs Can Boost Your Music Career    Posted in Jazz Music Forum
download Jazz music here Tonos para movil...
22 Aug
  Re: Help identifying a french horn    Posted in Horn Forum
Oh yes, I forgot to mention -- yellow brass, lacquered....
31 Jul
  Adult Service    Posted in Voice Forum
I'd like a person's location. It really is better than notice everybody explain in words ins...

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