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16 Jan
  Do you like my singing?    Posted in Voice Forum
I wasn't planning to make many covers on my channel, but I had fun with the few that I made. I w...
15 Jan
  Re: How to fix xlive.dll problem    Posted in Rock Music Forum
14 Jan
  Re: What is your favorite song or Rock artist?    Posted in Rock Music Forum
Search for more attractive Rock melodies as free phone ringtones at site
11 Jan
  Re: Looking for space metal/rock songs    Posted in Rock Music Forum http...
8 Jan
  Re: ICQ:658301229 Sell CVV Good Balance 2020 , New update 2020    Posted in General Forum
[UP][DATE] NEW 2021 Sell CVV Good , ICQ:755890917 Sell ccv Good BALANCE NEW CCV 2021 , SELLING CVV...
27 Dec
  Re: How to download Spotify Premium APK for free 2020?    Posted in Guitar Forum
Looking for where to install the latest Spotify app, refer to this comment....
27 Dec
  Re: Music sheet wanted    Posted in Flute Forum
Problem solved. Found the score at a shop in UK. the versión is the Hamelle edition, editor Alphons...
26 Dec
  Re: wooden headjoint    Posted in Flute Forum
When the pandemic lock-down started this past March, I lost access to the university practice rooms....
26 Dec
  Re: Strings    Posted in Cello Forum
I've only broken a new cello string once in my life, a G-string I'd bought from a folk-music...
22 Dec
  Re: Start play back / play along at specific measure    Posted in General Forum
I see you can touch the playback time to advance to a specific time in the mp3. That’s kinda close...
10 Dec
  Re: Practicing Mini-Course: 23 Ways to Make Faster Progress on the Piano    Posted in Piano Forum
FairFrank901, sure, you can contact me about the online course at and I'...
3 Dec
  Re: Cornet vs Trumpet? Student vs Pro?    Posted in Trumpet Forum
I have a friend that used to play cornet next to me in band class but switched to trumpet. It was a ...
24 Nov
  Re: Music Discussion    Posted in Popular Music Forum
Hey guys i just found this amazing tool on google which turns text into voice i am think about how ...
5 Nov
  Re: Question about Marcus Bonna MB-5 bag for the horn    Posted in Horn Forum https://...

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