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23 Apr
  Re: David Hodges fall into you    Posted in Piano Forum
Hello, What do you mean? If you mean chords, here are they:
22 Apr
  David Hodges fall into you    Posted in Piano Forum
does anyone have it??...
21 Apr
  Re: Need a used double horn    Posted in Horn Forum
Another amazingly great maker was Walter Monnig. I've never run into a bad one. Here's one...
17 Apr
  Re: Amazing song!!!    Posted in Popular Music Forum
Well, not bad at all. Unfortunately, I didn't understand anything......
16 Apr
  Re: error is occurring on the page(sheet music)    Posted in Site Support Forum
Hi I'm sorry you've been having difficulties. If it was on this page
14 Apr
  Re: Brand Identity Needed    Posted in Clarinet Forum
It's most likely an Armstrong clarinet. The 4001 is actually the model number and Elkhart is re...
14 Apr
  Re: Clarinet in College Advice    Posted in Clarinet Forum
It depends on where you are looking at auditioning? What schools are you interested in?...
14 Apr
  Re: A awesome sheet music App,you can give it a try.    Posted in Guitar Forum
Hello David, Thank you very much! It is really interesting. But unfortunately I haven't found th...
8 Apr
  Re: beginner piano recommendation    Posted in General Forum
Williams Allegro 2...
8 Apr
  Re: digital pianos    Posted in Piano Forum
Sorry that is Hammer Action...
8 Apr
  Re: !!Student hates learning left hand part!! What do I do?    Posted in Piano Forum
I learned classical piano at 18. What worked for me was a piano because it builds muscle memory lik...
7 Apr
  Re: Música portuguesa    Posted in General Forum ...
28 Mar
  Re: I need help choosing a beginners violin course    Posted in Violin Forum
Thanks, I will try it out.

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