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21 Feb
  Antique mellophone help    Posted in Horn Forum
I inherited a Frank Holton & Co. mellophone. The serial number is 5818 and the best I can find indi...
20 Feb
  Re: Advice of selling Yamaha Gb1 and purchasing new piano.    Posted in Piano Forum
For sure you will have to go for a second hand grand with that budget. If you are looking for good...
18 Feb
  Re: Does anyone have any information on this horn?    Posted in Horn Forum
16 Feb
  Re: What flute to choose    Posted in Flute Forum
Try out the Gemeinhardt Galway Crusader 33 Series They really are a nice flute for $1,695.00...
16 Feb
  Re: Have you ever heared of learning flute online on a one on one live session    Posted in Flute Forum
I agree that it's much better to learn from a teacher in person. The flute is an acoustic instru...
14 Feb
  Re: Need info on a horn    Posted in Horn Forum
I think I solved the riddle. I found other horns with the same, identical configuration identified a...
13 Feb
  Re: Where to find/buy sheet music for Hisaishi`s Fragile Dream for a Piano and Violin duet    Posted in Piano Forum
Oh! Well then. I love your arrangement so much and it is one of my favorite pieces ever.
11 Feb
  Re: I need help choosing a beginners violin course    Posted in Violin Forum
Hi, i subscribe to this forum just now, searching for the topics I found your question. My name is K...
7 Feb
  Re: Intermediate sax lessons    Posted in Saxophone Forum
I agree with you, music lifeboat saxophone lessons are very helpful to learn how to play this beauti...
4 Feb
  Re: Other Instruments a horn player can play    Posted in Horn Forum
I just got a slide job done on a cheap trombone because I've always liked it and hope it doesn&#...
30 Jan
  Re: bocal    Posted in Bassoon Forum
I think the whisper key hole was blocked! I checked for leaks, but didn't find any, so I clea...
30 Jan
  Re: Stamitz concerto no 3    Posted in Clarinet Forum
Try (USA) or (UK)...

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