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16 Jul
  Jazz Vibes Performance With Steve Hobbs    Posted in Jazz Music Forum
Hey guys, I played a duel jazz vibes gig with famous jazz artist Steve Hobbs artist recently. We op...
6 Jul
  Re: will orchestra evolve without the bassoon ?    Posted in Bassoon Forum
It would pretty difficult to write an orchestra score without bassoons. ...
4 Jul
  Re: Help please - note coming out in the wrong register - tell me I`m not going mad    Posted in Saxophone Forum
hi buddy, could you tell me what would be the dificulty of this sax theme?
4 Jul
  Re: An opinion about Syos saxophone mouthpieces ?!    Posted in Saxophone Forum
hi buddy i know maybe this doesnt answer your question, but now you like sax , what do you think abo...
3 Jul
  Downlaod acmarket apk file    Posted in Piano Forum
Thankyou for the valuable information.iam very much impressed with this one. Looking forward for t...
25 Jun
  Re: Can`t play E5 to A5    Posted in Oboe Forum
The only thing I can think of is that your thumb octave vent is dirty, plugged, or has water in it. ...
15 Jun
  Re: Mouthpiece wearing    Posted in Clarinet Forum
I used my VanDoren 360 for about 25 years and currently my VanD 5RV for about 17 years. Both had the...
6 Jun
  Re: An old crooner song...    Posted in Jazz Music Forum
Answers, please......
3 Jun
  Re: Trouble replacing lever springs on a Conn 6D 1978    Posted in Horn Forum
Actually, the Conn 1978 has a rotor stem that is keyed to the piece on the bottom - if you hold that...
2 Jun
  Re: Looking for mouthpiece suggestions    Posted in Clarinet Forum
I used a VanDoren 5RV. Decades ago I used an O'Brien crystal which was flat in the altissimo and...
31 May
  Re: composition pending    Posted in Site Support Forum
sorry about that - it should be live now!...
28 May
  Re: Experiences with Scanscore Anyone?    Posted in General Forum
In case it's helpful to anyone, I went ahead and tried it. Turns out that you can, in fact, expo...
14 May
  Re: Free music making software?    Posted in General Forum
Take a look at if you are trying to write your music out. They have a free notation so...
14 May
  Re: Best online music production paid courses?    Posted in General Forum
I was going to say the same thing. Both of them have college-level courses from some big universitie...
14 May
  Re: Are You a Beginner Musician?    Posted in Piano Forum
I have a hard time recommending anything that I have not used, but I will say this: Casio is consid...
13 May
  Re: Violin Learning App    Posted in Violin Forum
Sorry, forgot to add a link to the interview with the violin teacher:

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