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22 Jun
  Re: Breathing makes throat sore    Posted in Voice Forum
Oh, I think you use too much compression when belting. try to relax while singing. Just make a breat...
22 Jun
  Intermediate sax lessons    Posted in Saxophone Forum
Hi, Is there an intermediate alto sax lesson course like there is one for beginners? ...
22 Jun
  Re: Seller CVV , usa ssn + dob + full info - Bank accounts #ICQ 664538877    Posted in Classical Music Forum
Seller CVV , usa ssn + dob + full info - Bank accounts #ICQ 664538877 Dear Sir/Madam : - We sell c...
19 Jun
  Re: Sell Cvv Good And Fresh All Country , WU Transfer , Dumps , Track 1&2 , Paypal , Bank Login    Posted in Classical Music Forum
Seller CVV , usa ssn + dob + full info - Bank accounts #ICQ 664538877 -----WWW.UG-CC.COM----...
19 Jun
  Re: Hi I`m new to this site. I`ve been playing piano for........    Posted in Jazz Music Forum
Hi, Ask any blues questions at this forum. If none replies, you can look for another forum. If I wer...
18 Jun
  Re: Suggestions on overcoming piano injury?    Posted in Piano Forum
I'm no expert either medically or pianistically. Do take it easy even if you have to delay or r...
17 Jun
  Re: Universal SSD Chemical Solution and activaction powder for sale    Posted in Rock Music Forum
Buy fake and real passport Real/Fake id cards drivers license,IELTS & TOEFL Visa Green Cards Buy Re...
15 Jun
  Re: Mollenhauer Canta    Posted in Recorder Forum
Mollenhauer Canta introduced This Modern wood Soprano recorder in 1999 Made changes in 2008 and rein...
12 Jun
  Re: Ideas and Suggestions    Posted in Flute Forum
What make of a flute is it? If it is an Armstrong you may be able to get a few bucks for it on Ebay....
12 Jun
  Re: How to improve on high notes and vibrato    Posted in Flute Forum
Here is a youtube video that can help with vibrato. I picked up a flute and within weeks had vibrato...
12 Jun
  Re: New Horn    Posted in Horn Forum
Just out of curiosity did you switch from a Kruspe to a Geyer wrap? If so that could have been part ...
12 Jun
  Re: Common Mouthpiece for Beginners    Posted in Horn Forum
Sadly it isn't a one size fits all problem. What kind of school horns do your kids play? To star...
8 Jun
  Re: Where to find/buy sheet music for Hisaishi`s Fragile Dream for a Piano and Violin duet    Posted in Piano Forum
Hi, thanks for the links. I should specify that I am looking for sheet music for the
7 Jun
  Re: Practice after switching to bass trombone    Posted in Trombone Forum
Rochut Etudes down an octave....

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