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7 Aug
  Difficult Soundtracks for Piano    Posted in Film & TV Music Forum
I am currently doing a degree in music with concentration on performance. I have always enjoyed play...
28 Jul
  Re: Brahms 3 - (Non-)transposing Horn question    Posted in Horn Forum
Perfect! Thank you!...
28 Jul
  Re: Check This Out    Posted in Piano Forum
I've been teaching myself how to play chord piano using the following books:
24 Jul
  Re: Absolute Beginner    Posted in Saxophone Forum
When one discards a reed, the fibers likely have not been examined under a microscope to (verify[ita...
22 Jul
  Re: Considering the Horn as a Potential Instrument.    Posted in Trumpet Forum
cool i am grade 3
16 Jul
  Re: Japanese Alphabet for Music / Sax Fingering    Posted in Saxophone Forum
The Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki is an auspicious sign. This alphabet will be applied to those w...
16 Jul
  Re: Two Saxophone brands    Posted in Saxophone Forum
Good luck on your saxaphone adventures....
13 Jul
  Re: Hello from Canada    Posted in Saxophone Forum
Hello from Wisconsin. We have chosen Jack Pitman's Beyond the Reef for use in Alzheimer's an...
5 Jul
  Re: Dry throat from medication    Posted in Voice Forum
Hello and sorry to hear about what you re going through. It is very common to experience dry mouth/t...
18 Jun
  Re: Hello from Canada    Posted in Guitar Forum
Hello hope your having fun with your music ps HAVE FUN!
18 Jun
  Re: recommended exercise book    Posted in Clarinet Forum
You did a great job on Progressive Melodies. There are a various way to done exercise but I can sugg...
18 Jun
  Re: Is it worth upgrading to a better clarinet?    Posted in Clarinet Forum
I'm not sure to weather your type of clarinet is plastic or wooden. Wooden clarinets make a much...

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