I`m wrong aren`t I?

I`m wrong aren`t I?

I`m wrong aren`t I?    15:26 on Monday, June 9, 2003          
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On all of the flute forum sites I go to people are asking about `how to do a vibrato.` Lots of people are saying different things, like move your diagphram, use your stomach... etc.
I must be completly useless cause I find that I don`t have to concentrate on doing any of this, but I still get a `vibrato` sound. I`m doing it wrong aren`t I? This isn`t right. Should you have to work on it? I`m completly useless at flute, I should have to concentrate on a vibrato. Or is it possible for it to come naturally?

Becky, England xXxXx

Re: I`m wrong aren`t I?    07:12 on Thursday, June 12, 2003          
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dudette, dont immediately think ur doing it wrong! u may be, be u may not be. i find i do vibrato without thinking about it - its controlling it that i hav 2 think about. i often hav 2 tell myself "no melanie, 2 much vib! stop it"

anyway, ther was a point 2 that. whether u are or arent doing ur vibrato properly, dont fret! its not an easy thing 2 controll all the time. my advice is check with ur teacher!



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