flute people Hi

flute people Hi

flute people Hi    18:17 on Monday, June 17, 2002          
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Hi i am just a begenner at my flute and it`s really hard but can any one give me advise?
Give ma some answers

Your first nick name
how long have you played the flute?
Whats the hardest flute song
whats a good site to find music for flutes.


Re: flute people Hi    22:24 on Monday, June 17, 2002          
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My first suggestion would be to ask your teacher... he/she knows more about your playing and how to help you improve your technique. However, if you have any questions that you feel your teacher may not be able to help you with or you just want an opinion on something...
Kathy I know has offered advice and I`m also happy to help with any queries you or anyone else may have if I can.

Happy fluting!

P.S. Nickname/Alias == Pendragon
Playing == 6 yrs
Hardest flute song == impossible to say but the third movement of the Poulenc Sonata has to come pretty close technically.
Good sites for flute music == there is already a thread on this bord relating to this topic. Go and have a look.

Re: flute people Hi    04:43 on Monday, June 24, 2002          
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I`mteaching myself flute and i know how ya feel, Tami. A couple of tips, practice as much as you can! When i first started, i sucked. But in just a couple of days practice, i was well on my way to being better. People couldn`t even believes i`d just started. Also, never give up. Always keep trying and challenging yourself. Lastly, remember this quote, "The saying goes, `practice makes perfect.` The truth is: Nobody`s perfect, practice makes better.

P.S. Learn from your mistakes.

Re: flute people Hi    18:41 on Sunday, July 28, 2002          
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Okeday... here ya go! :-D
My first nick-name was Band Geek
I`ve been playing for about two years
The most difficult song I`ve ever played was called Regenisis (I had a solo in it and it was 8 minutes long!)
I have no clue where you could find music, sorry!

Re: flute people Hi    02:41 on Tuesday, August 6, 2002          
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Band Geek?

What a coincidence. Now I`ve migrated over to being refered as `Windaphoner`. (wind = woodwind, phoner = sax etc etc.. I play n` teach on a lot of other instruments.)

My #1 tip? Fingers! Figners finger fingers! Don`t let your fingers slip over the keys! Make sure the tips of your fingers are ONTOP of the keys (or holes if you have a french open hole flute). Not slipping over the edge of the keys. It`s a horrible habit I see _EVERYWHERE_. If a flautist wants to be serious.. they have to get rid of their bad habits at a young age.. I`ve learned my lesson(s) in that category.

My #2 tip? Don`t roll in! I used to roll in my mouth piece n` flute a bit because to me - I produced such a clearer n` purer tone, but you won`t be able to produce ANY dynamics (well almost any). And you will never be good if you roll.

The hardest song I`ve ever played? I dunno. I don`t find songs "hard". I find them "challenging" and I welcome a challenge _anyday_. The most challenging song I`ve ever played was `Flight of the Bumbleebee`... but in the end it came out easy.

Years I`ve been playing? 3.

A good flute site? Well obviusly I`m coming back here to 8notes for a reason.


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