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Posted by lilflattop

I`ve been interested in Irish Flutes for a while now and I was researching them when I found an article that explained the different styles.( I love the traditional sound of the Wooden Irish Flute and I plan on purchasing one in the near future, but I`m unsure of something about them.

I notice that some of the flutes can come as the traditional 6-hole flute and then there are some that have the same key system as a modern silver flute. The main thing I wish to know is, do they sound the same when played? I would like to purchase one with the same key system as a modern flute, but still want the traditional sound of the wooden flute. Is there a difference?

Thank you for your help.

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Posted by Erin

I visited this one website once, of course now I can`t remember it for the life of me, it had links of some guy playing different kinds of irish flutes. On one of the pages he is playing on a silver Gemeinhardt and it sounds like he is playing an irish flute and not a modern flute. I`ll try finding the website.

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Posted by Leprachaun

There is no huge difference in sound. But just remember when you are buying it make sure you buy one in the key you want(they come in a number of different keys) and if you go for a keyless one make sure you can reach the holes(the holes are very wide apart on most Irish flutes). If you go for the keyed flute make sure it`s a traditional one not just a wooden classical flute (unless thats what you want).
You could always try going to a specialist flute maker thats what I did and the man I went to made a flute especially for me, that it fit my fingers exactly. Good luck in your search.


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Posted by matt_paris


I am completely new to this forum, but I play the irish flute for 10 years. Actually I`m here because I would like to play the modern silver flute...

So to answer some of the questions asked:
- Irish flutes do come in different keys, but to begin with, no question, you need a D flute (that does not mean the flute actually transposes in D, just that its lowest note is D, and that it "natural scale", without the keys, is D major)
- Irish flutes almost all use the simple system, with 6 holes. If some players (like Joanie Madden) do play a Boehm, almost all irish flute players use english style 19th century wooden flutes or copies of them.
- The only flutes I can imagine having "the same key system as a modern silver flute" are Boehm wooden flutes, different instruments
- Actually a lot of things are very different between a modern Boehm and a real irish flute: conical bore, 6 holes "simple system", different uneven scale, and the position of the embouchure hole is very different too: we cover it much more. Closer to that of a baroque flute
- IMHO there IS a huge difference in sound. Very noticeable if you listen to good players, especially in the lowest notes (in general low D, though good 8 key flutes go down to low C)

There is here, among others, a good forum about the irish flute:

Hope this helps


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