OUT of CONTROL!!    12:05 on Thursday, January 4, 2007          

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Posted by schoolgirl0125

HEY fluties! I have this out of control vibrato. It's extremely fast and when i play my flute it sounds like i'm nervous or something. weird! DO you guys happen to know..why?
I'm really curious. I want to change it.^^

I'm trying out for my school's orchestra pit. and i've heard that TONE is important. Only one flute person gets in! I am determined! lol. :D
RIght now i'm working on a lot of tone exercises. EVEN though i find it SO. boring. Also my out of control vibrato. It's really hard..that's my natural sound so. i need to change that.

ADVICEs are good!


i missed talking about flutey stuff. :) yay! hopefully i will go on this forum more..than myspace and facebook! it's so addicting. lol

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Posted by Zevang

Perhaps what you need is exactly vibrato training.
Most vibrato exercises are focused in two main aspects: speed and amplitude of the vibrato.
You can vary between those two concepts to practice long notes (sometimes using both together).


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Posted by Patrick

I practice long tones each day for about 20 min, and never use vibrato the first time, even though I have a controlled yet natural vibrato, try that each day, then let the vibrato gradually return.

Re: OUT of CONTROL!!    16:49 on Friday, January 5, 2007          

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I learned the same way as Patrick. I was taught to always do two sets of long tones. One as a straight tone, and one with vibrato. I have a flute student who has hard to work really hard at her musicality, and in order to work on her vibrato we pulsed the beat together. We would start by pulsing the quarter note in the long tone. Then we moved up to eighth notes etc., until she was able to have a smooth and full vibrato sound. She still has to concentrate on it quite a bit, but she has improved tremendously. I would recommend starting off that way to see if it helps.

Also, please PLEASE make sure you are not getting your vibrato by pinching off the back of your throat. It will cause a popping sound that is very hard to get rid of later! Vibrato should be nice and relaxed!

Re: OUT of CONTROL!!    22:34 on Friday, January 5, 2007          

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Posted by schoolgirl0125

okay! So i'll practice long tones withOUT vibrato. then vibrato! sounds like a plan.^^
yeah! my teacher said that my vibrato sounds not relaxed and i'm using my throat. gAh.
I'll give 20 min. of long tones!
okay. i'll tell you guys how it goes.


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