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C# Trill    00:01 on Sunday, September 9, 2007          

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Posted by arabians207

Wow.. ive been making 2873985374 posts lately.. but you all are incredibly helpful with my getting a new flute.

Anyway, in a few weeks (i really don't know when) I will be trying the Miyazawa 202 and 402 with the C# trill. I haven't tried one with it yet, but how will i really know how i like that if i don't have anything that needs it? My flute teacher LOVES them (she said if she could change anything about her flute, she would get a C# trill) and I'd like.. just kind of because XD Eh.. bad reason, I know. I don't really know how much I would use it if I've never used it before..

What trills and stuff does it make easier? How will I be able to convince my mom that it is worth the extra money?? (Well.. is it worth an extra $500 in your opinion?)

If you have one, how often do you use it?

Thanks much!

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Posted by Flutist06

I have one, and I use it (and like it) so much that any flute I buy in the future will be equipped with one. The touch for mine is placed differently than most, though, which makes it far more convenient (at least in my opinion)...The touch is right next to the 1st trill key, rather than the Bb shake, which means that you can use all three trills with only 2 fingers, which is much easier to coordinate. It also eliminates the extra rod that most C# trills involve. There are very few options that are as useful as a C# trill, and if it's possible, I would highly encourage you to get one. They're not for everybody, as they add a rod, and thus weight which some people don't like or can't handle (if they have hand/wrist problems), but for the average player, they're fine. Now, as for what they do, their primary use is to trill from B-C# in the first and second octaves without having to use the awkward combination of left hand thumb and forefinger, but also move the trill between C and C# to the first finger of the right hand, which is usually easier to use and faster. However, they also facilitate a huge number of other trills/tremelos. It allows a true G3-A3 trill, and in the first octave, you can do a tremelo up to C#, D, or Eb from any note G or higher. In the second octave, you can do a tremolo to C#3 from any note A2 or higher. It also facilitates trills from F#3-G#3, G3-Ab3, and Ab3-Bb3. Then there are "specialty notes" that it can be used for. In the opening to Afternoon of a Faun, it can be used in combination with the standard fingering for B to create a more easily colored C#. Or you can use the standard fingering for Ab2, but add the C# trill for an easy pp Ab3. Then it's also useful for some extanded effects if you choose to explore that road. As you can see, it certainly has its uses, and with some practice, is easily incorporated into your standard fingering system.


I should clarify that the fingering I mentioned in connection to Afternoon of a Faun can be used in any situation where a similar effect is needed...It is not limited to use in that one piece.

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Posted by Account Closed

Chris said it all! So I am just going to add that when I was going to order my flute it was a big toss up for me as if I wanted to spend the extra money on a C# trill key or would I use it. I did end up getting one and it is by far one of the best decisions yet. I use it all the time, it is the best extra feature by far!

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Posted by Account Closed

i wish i had one... :-(

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Posted by Dennis

Ummm...if I could play every note with my C# trill, I would. I love it so much!!

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Posted by Account Closed

lol Dennis!!! Me too! Me too!!

Re: C# Trill    01:27 on Monday, September 10, 2007          

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Posted by Kelsey

My C# trill is by far my most favorite thing about my flute. I've played on flutes with and without and it just makes life a whole lot easier!! I think that it's really helpful if you're the kind of player that likes the music fast and furious, since it can help alot during quick runs, quicks trills, etc. Like Flight of the Bumblebee, for example, alot easier to use the C# trill to play some of the notes, than using some alternate fingerings that people try to say are quicker. I've actually never heard a bad thing about C# trill in my entire flute playing life (only 7 years.)!!!

Re: C# Trill    17:03 on Monday, September 10, 2007          

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Posted by Plekto

c# trill - yes.(any trill key is a good thing, IMO)
D# roller - optional(as are all rollers, IME)


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